10/05/04 – TEI, Greg and Dan from HCDF meet with Security Fence to review proposal. It was agreed upon that we where going to reuse the existing closer that HCDF installed and provide new hinges. This is less that work that originally quoted. Security fence is to revise quote and get to TEI for approval from Diana.

09/30/04 – Final test approved by fire marshal and county building inspector. Waiting for final close out documents from T.J. Williams to close project out. Simplex to provide training to Greg and other personnel. TEI to send as-built drawings with final closeout documents to Diana. We are nearing completion. Contractors preparing for pre-testing with simplex. Final testing approximately in two weeks around.

09/28/04 – Pretest complete and everything tested correctly. As Built drawings complete and delivered to site. Final test with the County Inspectors and Fire Marshal scheduled for 9/30/04 at 9:00am.

09/3004 – Fire Alarm Test passed.

10/19/04 – TEI left a message with TJ Williams for Rick and spoke to the person doing billing to request final billing documents. She was familiar with HC AIA documents and I explained the ones needed. She indicated she would get with Rick and send the correct documents. I spoke with them over a week ago, but I have not received anything yet.

The issue with the man gate, when we meet Charles from Security Fence he was going to get you a new quote that is corrected to reflect the work they are proposing to do, which is less than original. I have not received anything from him yet. I plan to follow up this week.

10/21/04 – TEI to follow up with T.J. Williams for training. As builts were forwarded from TEI to HCFD for archive room. TEI spoke with T.J. Williams and assisting in final documents.