Partner Lead: TEI

02/24/15 – Mike Barth and Terry Cannon met with Jayson and Ron at the Communications Center to discuss furniture systems replacement. TEI submitted SOSS for furniture system upgrade, including Arc Flash, project to Bert Watts. TEI waiting for signed SOSS/PO from HamCo.

03/25/15 – TEI received PO and signed SOSS to begin project. On 03/25/15 TEI preformed site visit to locate all existing electrical panels and switches for Arc flash portion of project. TE to coordinate with Furniture installer on schedule of installation to incorporate into electrical construction documents for coordinated package. BW requested coordination meeting with Jayson and Ron Bien during week of 4/1 with Progress set of documents for review and coordination.

04/15/15 – Drawing were issued for bidding under a small projects style format.

04/22/15 – Addendum 1 has been issued.

04/28/15 – Addendum 2 has been issued.

04/29/15 – Final addendum issued – bids due to ThermalTech by Friday 05/01/15 – no later than 12:00 PM (Noon). ThermalTech to issue Bid Tab to Facilities by End of day 5/1/15.

05/26/15 – Pre-Construction meeting occurred with Facilities Department, Jayson Dunn, ThermalTech and Phasor on 5/21/15. Phasor work to begin on 6/1/15 with the air test. Electric panels to be installed and ready to Xybix to be on site on 6/9/15 to begin Phase 1. The schedule is approximately 6 weeks in duration, and all parties will need to remain in constant communication during all phases of the work. Kelly plans to have (2) 40’ containers for tool storage delivered to the Comm. Center on June 8th. He may not need these depending on the size of our conference room. Ron, we’ll need to get him the conference room dimensions early next week. Hey may only need (1) container or neither depending on the space in the room. We are also having a roll off dumpster delivered the week of the 8th for disposal of the old furniture. We’ll have to coordinate locations for it as well as the forty footers somewhere on Comm. Center grounds. Marty, let me know what date we can get the roll off. We’ll also have to request staff to park in the gated area the day the trailer, the roll off, and the storage containers arrive. Shawn, Joe, Deb, Ron – We’ll need to line up Telecomm, Mobilcomm, and our staff to be ready to tear down and re-assemble TTY, the CAD, Radio, and Phone positions before Xybix tears down the positions and after they re-assemble them. The tentative plan is to move TTY back behind 45 before they start so the teletype area can be broken down first. Deb/Brian – We’ll have to brief the Supervisors on the schedule and make sure we are ready for noise in the room on a few days during the first week of June. Also, we need to make some decisions about the papers, folders, and binders at the positions and Supervisor desks before Xybix breaks them down. Also Deb the class is going to have to re-locate the 9th and not the 15th.

06/24/15 – Xybix has arrived on site and is proceeding according to the their original schedule (with the exception being that they are not working 12 days on and 2 days off as Kelley Smith had originally indicated.) On schedule to complete phase 3 this week. Met Ron Bien on site this week, and Ron indicated that the project is running great – all contractors are doing what they need to to make this a smooth project. Arc Flash model is completed and Mike Barth is scheduling with Mike Jackson a time to have Kendall get access to all spaces to apply labels.

07/22/15 – TEI installation of Arc Flash labels and new panel labels is complete. During install of Electrical panel labels – Kendall indicated that there was some post-punchlist items that needed addressed (fire stop material working its way out and falling on floor). TEI contacted Phasor and asked them to follow up.

09/23/15 – TEI in receipt of close out documents for Hamilton County, pending final inspection certificate from IBI. Phasor has contacted IBI requesting the certificate – final inspection approved 2-3 weeks ago.

12/08/15 – Project complete, ready to archive.