Partner Lead: ThermalTech

02/26/13 – Kick-off Meeting with Comm Center and Facilities Department. ThermalTech to develop SOSS.

03/01/13 – SOSS issued to Bert Watts. ThermalTech waiting on approval and PO.

04/24/13 – SOSS approved and PO issued to ThermalTech. ThermalTech to schedule kick off meeting with Bert Watts to discuss schedule.

06/26/13 – Project currently out to bid with bids due back to ThermalTech on July 2, 2013 at 4:00 PM. Prebid was held on 6/25/13.

08/28/13 – DK has returned all contracts fully executed, waiting on NTP.

09/25/13 – DK has notice to proceed, scheduling work on site with building maintenance. John Nester sent DK email with additional work that the county would like them to price. Waiting on DK to send in pricing.

10/30/13 – DK has installed all pole lights and repaired the lighting on pole #3. DK has gone to other facilities to work until final parts arrive, and plan to be back to finish out the changes on 10/31/13.

01/24/14 – TEI and DK did punchlist back-check on 01/24/14. DK to submit closeout documentation and then project can be closed and archived.

02/25/14 – TEI received closeout documents for project. TEI reviewing and will turn over to HamCo upon completion of review.

05/29/14 – Project complete and ready to Archive per Partner Mtg discussion.