Partner Lead: GBBN

11/16/16 – GBBN attends kick-off meeting onsite. Photos and dimensions taken for field verification.

11/17/16 – GBBN sends manufacturer’s data and literature on glass, Kevlar wall panels and pass through drawers to Facilities for Owner Review.

11/30/16 – GBBN submits SOSS to Facilities.

12/07/16 – GBBN receives approved SOSS

03/21/17 – GBBN sends email, with design questions, to Facilities. Answers are returned that same day to GBBN. GBBN has started estimating input on Archibus, Project Request #1892.

03/23/17 – At Partnering Meeting GBBN is requested to generate an Elevation Study of the existing Lobby Window wall to express the locations of the replacement equipment.

04/21/17 – GBBN and Facilities meet with Communications Center Staff to discuss Study and Estimate for the Bullet Resistant Glass Replacement. The Window Wall Elevation Study was reviewed.