05/05/10 – As-Built not openable by County, need to reduce it to Acad 2008 version.

04/26/10 – As-Built drawing completed. Once we send this to Bert, the project will be complete.

03/22/10 – Closeout documents and final payapp received and sent to County. Roether finished punchlist items and got County approval on work from Jackson.

02/23/10 – TTC issued punchlist to contractor & owner.

02/19/10 – Punchlist field trip.

02/04/10 – TEI is working on the pay application for Roether. They don’t have the papers or the software. Roether agreed to put on a anti-siphon valve on the piping at n/c to protect the new tank from interior leaks. They agreed to do the additional piping on the fuel oil skid per the Addendum. TEI approved the factory mounted deadman system during bidding so that is what Roether is installing. This came up as a concern during the work at the Comm Center this week. Reinstallation work continues.

01/26/10 – Roether has removed the tank and is back on site preparing to install the new tank. Change orders have been submitted. The County will accept the piezo alarm and the heavy duty piping upgrade on the fuel oil fittings on this project. There is no allowance for this work so it will be a change order to the project.

12/31/09 – Permit has been approved by State. TEI requested a project schedule from Roether.

09/04/09 – Contracts submitted to the County.

08/24/09 – Roether won the bid. TEI interviewed them and all seems fine with the bid. TEI is writing the contract.

07/29/09 – Project manuals arrived from Queen City today. The project is on the street for bidding. THP owes TEI an excavation drawing that will have to include in the Addendum on this project. Prebid scheduled for 08/05. Bid Opening 08/24.

07/20/09 – Final design begins for this project. Tim Jones and George Mullins are lead engineers on this project. It is set to go to Purchasing on 07/27/09 for bidding.