09/02/06 – TEI has paid Triton over $6000 in boiler cost and now another $4000 is going to them to cover the boiler snafu at the Comm Center. TTC advised Grady to finish up the paperwork and they will provide the Change Order for the project for completion. TTC asked for completion this week.

04/26/06 – TTC and Kevin approved the $850 allowance usage for Triton for stronger panels in the old louver spaces. TTC requested all O&M’s and final paperwork back from the contractors via email. Triton said the painting was complete for both the prime coat and supposedly the final coat two as Grady said is should be done last week.

04/04/06 – TTC emailed Kevin back with this information: gary and I already sent an FINAL email to AO Smith Monday morning and gave them a deadline of tomorrow at 4pm (wed) to reverse the cost on this project or else be out of spec’s. we will know something on thursday. I emailed grady today because, he, majid and I were working on a solution that could possibly remove all extra cost to the county in regards to the boiler work – don’t know if he made it work yet. finally, I have asked triton to paint the gas line and brace the aluminum pans in the boiler room to complete their punchlist. dave meier had a control question about a specific wire which I asked spectrum to give him a call directly. talk to you soon. ttc

03/06/06 – TTC and Mike talked about the building being in cooling today even though the OA temperature was 39F. Nevertheless the personnel had the building in cooling. We will keep an eye on the building. Kevin requested the price breakdown on the boilers. TTC will fax to Kevin today.

03/01/06 – TTC & Matt reprogrammed the boilers to run on the new differentials given to me by Lochinvar. The way the control algorithms are written we are using a OA setpoint with 10 degree offset above SP a 10 degree differential back down to SP and then the boiler should restart. To prevent nuisance trips I have reset the OA reset schedule to 0=160 and 60=110 with the 10 degree F.

02/24/06 – Mike reported that the boiler timing circuit was set up to 2 minutes because the valves take 1:40 seconds to stroke completely. On the reverse side the chiller is going out on freezestat because the minimal water flow on the slow opening diverter valves is creating too cold of inlet water temperature. JB Schmitt called today to report that their change order was $100 off.

02/22/06 – The boilers are going out on high limit safety so TTC visited the site and sent this email: Grady, I met Matt and Mike Jackson out at the site yesterday and am actively trying to resolve these issues with the boiler plant.

* after we added the common HWS temperature probe the boilers can run in lead/lag as we wanted but the probe can be as much at 18 degrees off what the water temp really is. this forces the boilers to high fire too long and they go out on a manual reset for high limit. I believe we will need the common HWS temperature put into a thermowell into the water stream to get a more accurate supply water temperature quicker to the boilers. the strap on location is okay it just needs to be immersed. can this be done on this 3″ pipe? * the boilers are locking out at 190 degrees hot water temp and this seems low even though it is their default. I have a two fold question about this and they are, is the factory setting 180 degree with a 10 degree deadband or is the autoreset actually 190 degrees with 0 degree setpoint? I am asking that this be reprogrammed up to 200 degrees F as this still provides plenty of safety before we steam at 212 and will allow us to reach our max system temp of 180. * how come the boilers can’t operate in lead/lag fashion when the common HWS temperature is not fed to the microprocessor? as soon as we disconnect the common the boiler both come on and fire at the same firing rate – is this field convertible? if so, we may be able to forego the above two steps and still meet my sequence requirements on this job but I think matt said that the factory said that we have to have a common T sensor point into the boiler to correctly do the lead/lag. * the outdoor sensor is still 10 degrees off so I instructed matt to move the new sensor over the old existing OA location in the area well and re-use existing wiring that the owner had in place to refeed the OA signal to the boielr panel. it is now near the bsmt ahu inlet and should be very well shaded all the time. please check with denny and the factory and let me know.

for now we are keeping both boilers running on the local outlet temp to prevent nuisance tripping but they are running in tandem all the time. no real lead/lag features even though they back each other up.

02/17/06 – since matt moved the hot water supply temperature we are seeing some funky conditions at the comm center as we discussed previously today by phone. mike jackson did a lot of troubleshooting for me today at the site so I want to relate everything he saw there and I am sure that another trip out there is warranted by matt. the boilers were off on flow when mike first checked them. he reset them manually as is req’d and set the delay timers up to 1 minute to allow the 3-way valves to stroke. in about 10 minutes the building temp was rising up to a reasonable rate but the boilers went out on high limit with an error message that says “Auto Reset – High Limit” our first thought is that this is certainly related to relocated the common HWS temperature and that the boilers were overfiring and going out on local high limit while the loop temp remained below its SP. we also checked actual pressure at the pumps in case the flow at the boiler is lower than is necessary. the outlet psig is 30 so that looks fine. boiler #1 appears to still be in the lead position and during the day mike continued to check on the boilers and reported this condition: at 40 degree OA the HWS setpoint should be 140 degrees. the boiler plant brought the boilers on at 139 degree F and the boilers again went out on high limit with the outlet temperatures at 190 degree F on the inlet at 158 degree F. at this condition it is understandable that the high should engage but why are the boilers still even firing at 18 degrees above setpoint? the LED panel has an point reporting as System Temp and it was 146 degrees. is this the reading at the strap-on sensor or is it the setpoint we are shooting for based on the OA temp? if it is the setpoint it is off by 6 or 8 degrees and I would question whether we are using 0-180 to 60-120 or the old reset of 0-180 to 60-140? can matt verify this for us. if having the remote sensor on the common supply pipe is going to cause this much trouble, I may just go back to using the outlet of each boiler to control its local firing rate and get rid of all these nusicance trips we saw today, but I tend to think that maybe a parameter is currently misprogrammed. as you suggested we should certainly check the flow through each boiler to make sure we are removing the correct amount of heat from the boiler while it is firing and the water supply is sufficient. without any real water sitting in the heat exchange these boilers will always tend to heat up fast on the outlet while the system loop lags behind. my final request was to isolate boiler #2 and turn off boiler #2 so that #1 handles the load all weekend. with all the flow going through one boiler there should be no mixing and the outlet of the boiler should be the same as the strap-on sensor and we shouldn’t have any problems this weekend. can you schedule matt to meet me out there with jackson on tuesday to go over all of this? I have to take my father in law to the hospital on monday and my wife to the dentist for dental surgery so that is going to be sucky day for me all the way around. please set up tuesday at 9am at the comm center

02/15/06 – TEI, ICS, Triton, Facilities and PW met on site with Bldg Dept and Fire Dept for final inspection and testing. After an initial roadblock, Buckeye Power to come over and simulated a electric failure in which the building passed. The Colerain Fire Dept contact, Jim witnessed and will report to the County Bldg Dept. The generators came on in under 2 seconds and restored power to the building in under 10 seconds. TEI also verified the operation of fuel oil pumps on both the supply and return system for the generators. The boilers were tested and they backed each other up properly. The electric boiler provided manual backup of the gas boilers. The pumps provided backup for each other within 20 seconds of failure. TEI has instructed Triton to move three temperature sensors. The OA is going to be moved to the area well and they can reuse existing wiring for that connection. The HWS temperature will be moved inside the new boiler room to after the electric boiler location in the common HWS header. The chilled water temperature strap-on should be moved to the common outlet of the 3-way valve connection (currently it is about 10 degrees off so we set the start temperature of the chiller to 80 instead of 80). We will allow facilities 2 weeks of working with the boilers before we have final training on operating the Lochinvar’s. The boilers are scheduled to rotate daily for lead at this time. The master controller is located in side Boiler #1 and if for any reason the power to this boiler is turned off or failed then Boiler #2 would have to be removed from cascading control to operate in Boiler #1’s place. The gas line still needs to be painted. The fuel oil pumps always switch lead after about 10 seconds and Triton will fix this. The County would like to have Triton put reinforcing bars put behind the louvered openings for security and stability. Facilities will have the smoke head remounted in the new boiler room. TEI want like JC Schmitt to do a final cleanup around the building as TTC noted a lot of debris still laying in the field (metal rods, sheet metal pieces, wood, studs, canvas, plastic containers, etc). Triton should update the sequence to reflect backup and alarm sequences and submit to County along with final boiler programming settings and include this information in the O&M. Krebs came out after the testing was complete but did not have to do any work as TTC met them at the gate and told them we were complete. We may have to pay a service call for that arrival.

02/10/06 – IBI gave final approval to the building electrical and now we are ready for final mechanical and building inspections.

01/23/06 – Lochinvar provided the final programming instructions for the boilers. Triton has every intention of completing the punchlist and programming this week. Jeff Jones is supposed to provide the UL listing on the fuel oil pumps. We are shooting to have all final work and inspections completed this week on this project. TTC will try to coordinate final inspections this week. JB Schmitt entered a allowance usage request of: cut out scuppers: $42 + $191.84 remove concrete piers: $50 + $40 + $130 +$191.84 lock conversion: $227 + $335.72, total: $1329.24. TTC forwarded to KM, TA and TS for approval.

01/20/06 – John Bates emailed TTC today to report that Sean has looked at the boilers and AO Smith should have an answer early next week.

01/17/06 – TTC emailed ICS to inquire about electrical status on this project. ICS reported that the fire alarm test passed. Vic Spang will email everyone the status of the UL listing. Vic also said that O&M manuals should arrive today. ICS should be done with our punchlist items about 2 days after the control panels are UL listed.

01/16/06 – TTC spoke to John Bates last Friday and emailed our these notes today. TTC talked to Grady and got this update on the punchlist status. Triton has gotten the collars, valve tags and miscellaneous punchlist items into their shop and will continue to finish the punchlist this week. They will clean up the generator room this week as well and fix the two leaks that Greg called TTC about. The control programming codes are expected in this week from Lochinvar and Triton will finalize all control work this week and next at the Comm Center. Final completion date should be no later than 01/27/06. TTC will contact ICS to coordinate the final building inspection on this project.

Kevin and Grady,

John Bates and I finally connected via the telephone late last Friday afternoon. It was a good conversation and he apologized to everyone for it taking so long to get back to us on this issue. I recapped everything that has happened on this project beginning in March of 2005 when we were finishing the construction documents up to the partial installation. Suffice to say that he said he believes what I have told him is the order of events and the phone calls I made to the local rep and the factory and that although it is not the AO Smith normal policy to take back opened boilers, he will begin the return authorization process by sending an AO Smith representative to Hughes supply to confirm the condition of the existing boilers and take some digital photographs. The restocking fee will have to be paid but I believe he believes he will be able to get the factory to take the boilers back.

I have called Gary Tedesco of Hughes and advised him that Shawn from AO Smith will be stopping by to look at the boilers. As I get further information I will pass it along to you guys.

Right now the boilers are being stored at Hughes Supply.

01/13/06 – TTC called and emailed John Bates again about returning the boilers.


I have called a couple of more times yesterday and am on the phone right now trying to get a hold of you and leaving you another message. This issue has been lingering since the first week of December. I understand that you must be very very busy but I have scheduled meetings with the contractor to discuss change orders and closeout for this whole project – the job is complete and we still have you boilers on site, so you can see I have a dilemma – we can’t closeout this project and I believe that Mr. Maue is desperately trying to get this project wrapped up.

This is only my second time working with Mr. Maue of Hamilton County Public Works and I have no doubt that he has serious concerns about my ability to handle the construction issues on a project like this so I desperately need your help. I don’t know that I have ever had something stall for so long or been so worried that there may not be an equitable resolution on the horizon – I am still confident that if you call me back we can work something out.

As I have specified AO Smith boilers for so long – 13 years now (I personally enjoy using the cyclone water heaters as they are a fantastic product – I spec’d them as part of an energy savings project, we use them in all the hotels we design and that’s about 5 a year and the County also used them at a recent renovation at their sheriff patrol hdqtrs), I am finding it difficult to understand our current dilemma. Your former local rep built a great relationship with ThermalTech and your company has always been foremost in our specs and schedules – I am sure that neither of us wants that to change, nor does it have to, please call me back or email me the return authorization and procedure.

If this is a decision that you cannot make, please send me the contact information of you supervisor or someone in customer service who can make the authorization.

Thanks again and hope you have a great weekend and please let me know by the end of business today?

01/12/06 – Kevin emailed Grady directly to inquire about the progress of this project. TTC informed him that the email server may be down.

01/11/06 – Greg Chambers called TTC confirmed today’s 1:00 p.m. test is only a Fire Alarm test. TTC called John Bates two more times this morning about returning the Legend 2000 boilers. TTC called back at 3:00 and left another message. TTC got John’s email address and emailed him the same request that he has been calling about:

Dear Mr. Bates,

We have missed each other in phone tag and I know you are on the road a lot for your job. I am hoping it will be easier to give me a RMA process and number via this email.

In March 2005, I spoke with your local rep Disney-McClain and called your Corporate Sales department in search of boiler that we could use as base bid in our Dual Temperature Water system at the Hamilton County Communication Center, my first inclination was to use the intelli-fin boiler but you don’t manufacture those in a 500,000 btuh size so after speaking to sales staff at your companies and vendors, we spec’d the Legend 2000 with the bypass pump option to keep the incoming water temperature at 140 inlet.

We bid the project, accepted the submittals and received two boilers on site. They were uncrated, placed on the housekeeping pads and one boiler was actually piped in. Electrically, a junction box was mounted on the side of the boiler for controls. At that point I was called down to discuss the bypass pump. In the arrangement and in your documentation the pump was piped in series with the water flow and a bypass pipe around the boiler was on the outside. This is not what I had envisioned as I was lead to believe that he bypass pump would have self contained controls that would modulate in the bypass to return enough water to keep the inlet at 140. In actuality that is not the case and after speaking with Kevin Binkley at length, I could see these boilers do not meet the spec or requirement of this job. The alternate boilers on this project are all condensing boilers and would not have an issue with incoming water temperature. This dual temperature water system can be switched from chiller to boiler several times a week so you can see the Legend 2000 boilers will not work well without a storage tank and recirc pump which is exactly what I was trying to stay away from on this project.

At this point the boilers HAVE NEVER BEEN TURNED ON or used in any way. What I would like is a return authorization so that the local contractor (Triton Services) can return the boilers to local warehouse (Hughes Supply) and they can send them back to AO Smith.

There may very well be a restocking fee that I am willing to work with you on that but in my humble opinion, I believe I talked to everyone that I needed too during the design phase of this project to let AO Smith base bid on this project – I just got some bad information on application data for this boiler. Maybe you guys thought the dual temperature water system meant it would only be switched to heating once a year and that the boiler heat exchanger could handle that??? I never said that, but there was definitely a communication error.

I am sure that these boilers can be resold to someone – they are in like near perfect shape and never started even though they have been uncrated. They have been stored indoors even after we removed them from the boiler room. Please give me an return authorization approval, an RMA number, an address and a procedure to return these boilers.

The County has used many AO Smith products in the past and when they build their new jail complex in the next few years, many more AO Smith could be used in that project so I am sure we are all striving for the same goal here.

Please call me or email as needed.

Thanks again, ttc

01/10/06 – TA distributed the electrical punchlist for the job. TTC distributed a revised mechanical punchlist for the job. Triton sent payapp #3 in for pencil copy and question payment of payapp #2. Kevin submitted payapp #2 for payment per Grady’s inquiry.

1/09/06 – Kevin called today because he is concerned about Jeff Jones UL listing of the generator. TA talked to ICS to tell them to get something resolved or the County will hire Jeff Jones directly and back charge the contractor. TTC talked to Triton about controls and emailed everyone that the controls are semi-automated. The new actuator is installed and the summer/winter switch now strokes the valves just like they use to work. The system is currently at a state where it was before. The Comm Center can manually change from heating/cooling and the system automatically adjust and powers up the correct equipment. The new lead/lag controls are not installed yet nor is the OA reset on the boilers as they are set to 160 F until next week where the controls will be finalized. Triton still has to change the wiring on the fuel oil pump package to get the UL label.

01/04/06 – Triton called to report that the boiler circuit boards appear to be out not because of water issues but voltage issues. the transformers inside the boilers are bulged and burned, the DC power inverter on the circuit board was blown. Buckeye reported that there have been a couple of brown out issues and once occurred for one second on 12/26 and the generators were tested on 12/30 but they don’t see how this could be related to the boiler problem. No other components have failed in the building on any computer circuits if there was some sort of massive power spike. Matt from Triton talked about putting the new circuit boards on the boiler and monitoring the power into the boilers to ensure they are getting clean power. The IBI inspector, Earl Moon, requested to see UL labels on the fuel oil pumps, tank controllers and the electric boiler. TE investigated and determined that the electric boiler is UL listed and Triton needs to show the inspector where that label is, the fuel oil pumps will require a 3rd party certification from Jeff Jones.

12/28/05 – The mechanical punchlist was distributed. PDF. The electrical punchlist was distributed last week via a verbal conversation from Terry Allgeyer. The final building inspection and testing with the Fire Department is scheduled for Wednesday, January 4th at the site.

12/08/05 – The electric changeover went very well. TA attended for ThermalTech. The building is on new power. Training was completed on the same day for the people that stayed throughout the work and training day.

12/06/05 – TTC sent out CM notes #11. A one week meeting is scheduled for 12/07 to coordinate final changeover of building power to new system. Training is scheduled for 10am on Thursday per TA’s email. Blr-2 is on site. Triton has installed the louvers for the new generators but a final plenum piece is required to finish up. TTC discussed progress with Grady and questioned how the hot water control would be handled. TTC wants a common HWS point to feed the loop temperature to the boilers.

11/28/05 – ICS and Buckeye are onsite preparing final connections to the generators. Triton has finished the muffler install and are working on the final louver install. Kohler is scheduled for next Monday. TTC sent out const mtg #10 meeting minutes. Const Mtg #11 is set for Wed at 2:00 p.m. TTC and TE are working on boiler scheme at 237 WHT. The 3-way valve has been installed and is up and running. Triton provided a cost to the project of Material $162.40 Labor $1,564.00 New valve $1,131.00. This may be slightly higher if charged to the project.

11/23/05 – TTC & TA coordinated with ICS, Triton and Kevin about generator start schedule. It appears that Kohler will be onsite on 11/28 & 11/29 to finalize installation of generators and pretest before Kohler come out to the site. TTC will try to reset the meeting for next weekend.

11/17/05 – TTC called Grady today to confirm this evenings work with Triton and the 3-way valve changeout this evening. Pat and Matt from Triton will be onsite this evening about 11:30 p.m. for this work. Mike Jackson met with Pat from Triton today and went over which breakers will be shutdown tonight to turn the AHU’s off for this work. Matt will take care of the controls for this work this evening and if anything doesn’t work the system will fail into the heating mode for now through manual settings. TTC called the AO Smith Regional Manager, John Bates at 770-841-1305 (off) 770-521-4244 (cell) to discuss the return of these boilers to the factory, I had to leave a message on his voicemail. TTC may stop in tonight to review the work in progress.

11/08/05 – TTC called Hughes supply today trying to get authorization to return the unused water heaters. We still have not been able to talk to the regional representative.

11/03/05 – TTC has been talking to Triton and Hughes supply locally to get authorization to return the boilers to the factory and work on the restocking fee. Gary Tedesco at Hughes has been putting in calls to the regional sales person and the new rep in town LIBB. To date we have had no success in talking to anyone of consequence to help up return these boilers. We haven’t even received authorization to return the boilers to the factory yet, let alone handled the restocking fee and this is mostly due to the fact that A.O. Smith has severed representations with Disney-McClane locally. We probably won’t talk to AO Smith until Friday when they are out of conferences.

11/01/05 – The generators were delivered to the site on Monday. They are in place. Cable is pulled but not terminated. Cinergy will provide final inspection later this week. Power may be up and running by 11/14/05. TTC to send out mtg notes today or tomorrow.

10/27/05 – After the construction meeting yesterday, TTC and Triton went over the boiler workings, final hookups, controls and flow settings. We decided to start the boiler today and as of 2:00 p.m. the boiler is running perfectly and producing 140.5 degree hot water at 51 degrees F. TTC will try to stop out on Friday to check boiler over before weekend. Triton is going to verify that boiler turns off when the switch is changed from summer to winter position automatically. We want to verify this to ensure the boiler turns off whenever there is not flow into the boiler heat exchanger.

10/25/05 – The new boiler has been shipped. It has arrived in Fairfield at the FedEx terminal. It should be delivered this afternoon the Comm Center. Triton will be there to take delivery of the boiler and begin the install of the new boiler. TTC will help coordinate the install as needed.

10/24/05 – TTC emailed the whole team today reporting the following about the revised boiler design.

I want to document all that has happened on the boiler plant since Friday in this email.

I have decided that there is no “best” way to use the AO Smith non-condensing boilers at the Comm Center. My discussions with the factory, who have been very responsive, still have not offered a solution that is easy to implement or easy to maintain. The controls would be cumbersome and the energy usage would go way up since the boiler plant would have to run all year long once the heating season started. Short cycling could not be avoided without the introduction of a storage tank which was never part of the project in the first place. I am not sure what the factory was thinking when they told me this boiler could work with its bypass pump back during the design phase of this project, but the final word from Kevin Binkley at AO Smith is that it cannot do what I am asking it to do in its current design.

It is my opinion that the BEST and the CORRECT way to design this dual temperature system is to use a fully condensing boiler just like Alternates #1 and #2 in the original bid and my original design. This fully condensing boiler is not subject THERMAL SHOCK like other boiler and the STAINLESS STEEL HTX is not subject to corrosion like a standard heat exchanger causing the premature failure. This is accomplished by providing a STAINLESS STEEL heat exchanger with the boiler as with the KBN-500 boiler by Lochinvar. The boiler that I am now having Triton provide for this job is a Lochinvar KBN-500 boiler, Knight Model at 90.3 efficiency with a fully modulating burner with 5:1 turn down ratio, Energy Star qualified, ASME stainless steel heat exchanger (12 year limited warranty) , direct vent with sealed combustion (meaning PVC vented), direct spark, 0-10 VDC input for burner control, alarm contacts on any failure, 4″ air inlet and exhaust vent and low water cutout.

Other design notes: These boilers are rated for 50 gpm max and our pumping system is sized for 80 gpm so as it was originally intended the boilers can work in unison to meet supply temperature or one boiler can handle the whole load if needed but the water flow should go through both boilers all the time unless you have to isolate one for maintenance and at that time, the bypass should be opened if the 2nd boiler is going to be offline for a considerable period to keep the internal flow from getting too high in any one boiler. We will manually open the bypass partially while we are in one boiler mode on this project – your heating loop will still get plenty of hot water to keep the building warm in this temporary arrangement.

For the time being, I am going to have the hot water loop maintain 180 degree F until all the controls are installed and ready for operation with both gas boilers and the electric boiler in the plant (the second gas boiler should arrive on or around November 1st), the electric boiler is already here but there is no 208 Volt power for it yet. Each of the new gas boiler are going to have a 3/4 tygon tube that will discharge a little condensate into the existing floor drain the boiler room whenever they are running. The condensate discharge from these boiler is safe to the plumbing system and should have no “ill” effects on the drainage of the building or the floor drain in the room.

The new control system will monitor the dual temperature water loop temperature so that when you switch from winter mode to summer mode (140 degree supply to cooling 45 degree supply) instead of waiting three days for the loop to dissipate heat, the boilers will be turned off but the heating hot water flow will continue through the boiler system and out the building through the air handlers discharging all remaining heat from the DTW loop into the space until the loop reaches 90 degrees. At that time, the 3-way valves will changeover and go to cooling. This is a strategy that should be used with 2-pipe systems that often isn’t because it will allow you to get to the cooling cycle must faster than usual. The boilers should never be “on” without flow going through the heat exchanges – that is requirement of the factory. Inlet water temperature and water PH is not an issue with the stainless steel HTX. These boilers have intelligent controls that do everything the original sequencer was supposed to do and they communicate directly with each other in case of failure in a master/slave arrangement.

And finally – ONE KBN-500 BOILER will be on site on Tuesday. It is being shipped directly to the Comm Center from Nashville, TN today for the project.

That’s it for now. I plan on being out there tomorrow after the boiler arrives to work with Triton on installation, but I do not plan on being there today as originally intended because we are not setting the electric boiler in place at this time. I am not calling AO Smith about the 3rd party UL licensing at this time either.

The temperatures are supposed to stay in the mid 50’s all week with low’s in the mid to high 30’s so I am working to get this boiler online tomorrow or Wednesday.

I will give you another status update later today or tomorrow as more information arrives at my desk.

Kevin, Mike Jackson would probably be very interested in having all this information, please forward it on to him if you deem it is good info to have.

10/18/05 – TTC has contracted Lochinvar for more information on the “Knight” series condensing boiler to take care of problems at the Comm Center Project. TTC will call Kevin Maue to discuss results of speaking with AO Smith about DTW issue and will explore possibility of installing electric boiler now in Blr #1 equipment pad to alleviate any boiler issues due to cold weather. This may be the only viable option if we switch boiler types.

10/14/05 – TTC is working closely with AO Smith to get the control of the boilers correct before they are started at the site. Condensation and control is a huge issue.

10/06/05 – Grady reported today that the gas meter pad is being poured on Friday, the electricians have power to boiler #01, the gas line should be hooked up and meter placed by Monday, October 10. There will most likely not be boiler operation until that time. Triton is meeting their controls company on site Thursday afternoon for temporary hookup of boiler #01 to existing summer/winter control switch. It will remain hooked up like this until the new controls are put in place the 3rd week of November. This basically follows the original scheme except that we wanted boiler #01 operational by 10/01 with 10/15 as the drop dead boiler startup date. ICS contacted blacktopping company to resolve the roadway hump from the horizontal boring. This will hopefully mitigate the problem we are having with the roadway bump.

10/05/05 – Const Mtg 07 has been distributed. TA discussed shaving the roadway down to reduce the hum but that is not an option. TTC and TS are still working on louver details. TTC and Grady are trying to get boiler #01 online by Friday or Monday at the latest.

10/04/05 – Motorola confirmed that we just need to provide a ground rod from each generator to grade. No additional grounding ring or grounding methods are required for this building. ThermalTech will advise the contractors and send out the meeting notes later today including this new information.

10/03/05 – Motorola gave us an answer about the building ground. The new building requires a grounding ring or a separate ground rod. TA is currently investigation this item for the County.

09/28/05 – Const Mtg 07 was held on site. Several major issues surfaced that need to be addressed by ThermalTech and the Owner. Motorola is going to require additional grounding on the building metal (TA to investigate), Boiler #1 must be online by October 15th and the sooner the better (Triton to provide a 2 week schedule to accomplish this), gas meter pad has to be poured and set in place and tested before boiler can start, backfill must be completed, boilers are seismically braced yet.

09/23/05 – HamCo was required to sign an IBI temporary electric meter release stating that electric work is ongoing at the site. Greg Wenz stated he would take care of this for IBI. ICS sent TE the letter and we passed it along to the Comm Center.

09/22/05 – This week we have been working on scheduling since the generators are very late. We have also been working on louver details with Tom Speer and Triton as they are changing heights and design. TTC faxed over information to TS, GR and KM for review and approval. Slabs have been poured on site and work is ongoing.

09/14/05 – Triton reported that the pumps will be arriving later in the job rather than earlier. The pump inertia bases will sit a new housekeeping pad that will encompass both of the pumps and may surround the existing pump pad. All new anchors will be into the new housekeeping pad. JB Schmitt turned in payapp #2, TTC will deliver to Kevin at Wednesday’s meeting.

09/01/05 – TTC, Mike Cavanaugh and the County are trying to coordinate sending the demolished chiller to New Orleans for the relief effort. TTC sent out Const Mtg 05 notes to all the team members and TA must talk to Buckeye Power about a late delivery schedule. Buckeye Power reported that generator will be here mid-October but Vic will talk to factory and get back to us mid next week.

08/29/05 – TTC stopped at the site. The foundations are poured. A box was left for fuel oil and electric. Apparently, the electric had an issue with IBI and they will need one more underground inspection before acceptance. JC Schmitt worked diligently to get foundation in before Tuesdays rainstorms. TTC approved payapp #01 for JC Schmitt and #01 for ICS. TE has not received a payapp from Triton services yet.

08/17/05 – Const Mtg 04 today. We discussed and update the schedule quite a bit. JB Schmitt can still meet the anticipated schedule based on today’s schedule modifications. The CM # 04 notes were sent out for review. Triton brought Ketchum & Walton out to the site to resolve the gas line mounting issues that ThermalTech noted on the submittals. It was agreed during the meeting to allow the gas piping to be routed on the backside of the building wall at the parapet level of the rooftop. Triton went on to say that won’t change the permit submissions and it will still met seismic requirements. The County preferred the gas line to stay routed above the rooftop as it was designed on the drawings. Kevin and Terry are to check with County Examiners on releasing part of the permit set next Tuesday. TA has to answer an RFI noted in the meeting minutes for conduit inside switchgear on Citadon. TTC will send out an updated schedule this week.

08/16/05 – Construction Meeting # 03 is finished. TE check on permit progress. TTC talked to Disney McLane about requirements for electric boiler and told them it is only for heating hot water and its working pressure is 60 psig and it should have an output reset schedule of 0-180 degrees F/60-140 degrees F. Triton turned in two RFI’s to Citadon that TE is trying to resolve. We are trying to get more information from Buckeye power for answers. TTC will send out meeting notes and remind contractors of the Wednesday meeting.

07/21/05 – Construction Mtg 02 held. Triton to make pump tie-ins overnights and allow Geiler to do chiller tie-ins as well. Seismic calcs are not ready. ICS provided a checklist for consultants to fill out for this job. TE said they would try to get it back on Thursday. TE will answer all the questions they can. TTC will type of meeting notes on Friday for distribution. Tom Speer reported that the county is going to required 6 stamped stets. TS will have Ohio Blue make sets and send to TE for stamping. TE will return to Tom for permit. Schedule was discussed and a mid August start date on the new buildings was agreed to without a schedule slip. Triton should begin excavating next week.

07/12/05 – Construction Mtg 01 distributed. Work has begun. Seismic Calcs are behind. Triton schedule is slipping. TTC to supervise and get Triton on board and up to speed. Electrical equipment has been ordered and should arrive in late August. TTC to coordinate valve installation at site soon. TTC emailed JB and Speer about missing GC submittals. TTC emailed Triton about getting back on schedule and tried to setup a field trip for Thursday or Friday of this week. TTC emailed Grady to setup a field trip for controls and site work.

06/0605 – Pre Construction Mtg notes distributed.

06/03/06 – Electrical submittals are in the works. General submittals are uploaded to Citadon.

05/26/05 – Pre Construction Meeting at Site.

04/22/05 – All contracts arrived by 3:00 p.m. TTC will review and have to Public Works by 5:00 p.m. hand delivered.

04/21/05 – Pre Award Meeting is complete. Bid Tabs are accepted. Contractors have contracts and they are due back to TE by Friday at Noon. TE to deliver to KM by EOB on Friday.

04/19/05 – TE setup for Pre-Award meeting on Wednesday. Allgeyer is pushing Citadon for the whole project.

04/06/05 – Cinergy doesn’t have bid numbers to the vendors yet hence causing a bid extension of one week to the project. Addendum 02 was distributed. PDF

04/01/05 – Addendum 01 was distributed for Project. PDF

03/23/05 – TTC and HamCo Facilities visited Glen-Este Middle school to inspect a Fulton Boiler application installation. Basically this boiler has been in service for 7 years with little or no maintenance at this site other than the changing the spark plug. Turton showed the boiler, explained that it was solid, that it pulsed, had very few moving parts, and could keep a facility at a solid temperature no problem. Facilities has heard that Fulton are maintenance headaches and that parts are not kept locally. Jim Turton of Ballenger told us that all those parts are kept locally in his office. TTC added that the statement that everything was proprietary is certainly not true because the local controllers are standard Honeywell and the gas modulation valve is standard Honeywell and the only things that TTC saw as special could be the fireye which is a Fulton model of a Honeywell controller and the gas pressure switches but basically everyone’s are proprietary anyways. Facilities called back to inquire about the Weil-McClain Ultra series boiler but TE stated that max btuh is 310,000 so that boiler is too small and more residential grade boiler. Lochinvar Intellifin has built in recirculation loop but their smallest boiler is 1,500,000 which is 3x too big but they have a 14:1 turndown ratio but using them would mean the boiler is going to spend most of its life in the 20%-60% firing rate. TTC called the AO Smith factory and the local rep Disney McClain and discussed other options. Apparently the Legend 2000 boiler series IF it is ordered with the bypass option can handle cold water inlet conditions.

03/22/05 – TTC authorized Ohio Blue to use AIA documents to insert into spec book and then send to all personnel, later TE delivered the electronic forms for xeroxing to Ohio Blue for future use. SBO delivered a CD for purchasing to upload the entire project to Demandstar. This was completed.

03/21/05 – Bid Set is at Ohio Blue. TE delivered in morning.

03/10/05 – 90% Review Set and Review Meeting at Comm Center. TTC needs to find 2 more Pulse type boilers for bidding. KM requested updated Cost Estimates, Comm Center agreed to one or two 8-hours shutdowns for new 3-way flanges and Comm Center agreed to a 4-hour switchover on rented generator to go to new power from new source and new generators.

01/26/05 – TE sent out DD dwgs for review in anticipation of this Friday’s Meeting with the client.

12/27/04 – TTC and Kevin Maue discussed in detail the savings associated with a non fuel oil boiler and chimney. Kevin is going to take the scheme to Facilities for approval and give TE direction by end of week. Kevin is wondering where the Schematic Design documents are and would like to see them soon.

12/24/04 – Schematic Design Due. TTC turned over cost estimate for revised boiler design using 2 gas boilers and 1 electric boiler.