03/15/07 – TTC hand delivered closeout documents to MD at Room 468 closeout meeting. This project is complete.

03/02/07 – NR left another message with A&M Contracting letting Mark Molinaro know that the form he mailed is a draft copy and not acceptable. NR mailed that actual form to the contractor so that all they would have to do is sign and stamp it. TE is still awaiting this form.

02/19/07 – A&M Contracting has one form left to turn in then project will be complete.

01/31/07 – NR left a message with A&M Contracting concerning the close out material. TE is still awaiting all documents from them in order to close out this project. J.B.Schmitt has delivered all necessary documentation for the general contractor of this project to be complete.

01/22/07 – The close-out meeting was held last Friday, January 19. All of the items on the punch lists have been completed. The only remaining open item is the as-built drawings. The are set to be delivered this week from both A&M Contracting and J.B.Schmitt.

01/17/07 – Change order #3 for A&M Contracting has been voided. Change Order #2 has been rewritten to show the usage of the allowance taken off of the total change order amount. NR sent the new change order document along with the Allowance Clarification #1 to Mark Molinaro at A&M Contracting with instruction to return the signed documents with the adjusted final pay application.

01/16/07 – NR spoke with J.B.Schmitt about the locks. The locks were installed at the end of last week. A meeting has been scheduled for Thursday at 2:00pm. The attendees include Tom Speer, Mark Donnelly, and NR. This is intended to be the final walk through before closing out the project.

01/10/07 – TTC & NR typed the JB Schmitt deduct change order for this project for closeout.

01/08/07 – NR spoke with J.B.Schmitt this morning. The locks were sent from the factory on the 2nd of January. The estimated arrival is 3-5 business days. The locks should be installed by Wednesday.

01/02/07 – The locks were delayed due to a mix-up at the factory. They are due to ship today and will be installed as soon as they arrive. The walk through with ThermalTech and Mark Donnelly of Hamilton County of Facilities has been postponed due to this delay. The final pay application from A&M Contracting has been received and will be forwarded to Hamilton County on January 3rd.

12/22/06 – The painting of the existing wall and all punch list items have been completed. The only work remaining on this project is the installation of the locks on the lockers. The locks were shipped from the factory on December 21 and will be installed by J.B.Schmitt as soon as they arrive on site. The final pay application from A&M has not been received. The previous application was returned due to the deduction of the remaining electrical allowance not being taken off of the original contract amount. NR left a message with Mark Molinaro letting him know of this discrepancy and has not had a return phone call from him. I will contact A&M again the first week of the new year to ensure they understand what needs to happen.

12/19/06 – There is a painter scheduled to be on site today to finish touching up the existing work and to paint the existing wall behind the vending machines. The locks for the lockers remain to be delivered as previously scheduled.

12/14/06 – J.B.Schmitt said that the locks are scheduled to be delivered on December 21st. They will be installed shortly after they are delivered. The wall is scheduled to be painted next week.

12/12/06 – It has been decided that the existing wall shall be painted to match the new wall color. This will be paid for with a portion of the remaining allowance. Keyed locks for the lockers (including 2 master keys) have been ordered and should be installed before the end of December. This will also be paid for with a portion of the allowance. The allowance clarification has been signed and submitted to J.B.Schmitt and will be signed and forwarded to Hamilton County, Attn: Mark Donnelly.

12/6/06 – The architectural punch list has been completed. The items on the list have been turned over to Mark Donnelly for review. Mark said he had nothing to add. There is an issue with the color of paint on the new wall vs the existing color on the adjacent wall. This has been resolved by having J.B.Schmitt paint the existing wall to match the new wall. Also, there has been a request for key locks to be installed in the lockers. These locks are to be ordered and installed by J.B.Schmitt. I am awaiting the paperwork from Joe Kihm so that I can process the allowance verification.

12/01/06 – NR visited the site. The lockers were being installed during the visit. The electrical punch list is complete and there are no open issues. There are a few minor general issues that have been discussed with the architect. These issues should be taken care of today and Monday. The project closeout meeting date is Wednesday, December 6th.

11/30/06 – Lockers have arrived on site and will be installed tomorrow. Joe Kihm of J.B.Schmitt will have his crew stay until the installation is complete. N. Richmond will be on site either tomorrow afternoon or Monday, December 5th to do the punch list. If the project is complete per Hamilton County expectations the close-out meeting will be scheduled for next week. NR will be in touch with everyone involved to schedule this meeting. J.B.Schmitt sent NR an allowance clarification which was for the door closer. This clarification was put in the Hamilton County format, signed, and sent back to J.B.Schmitt to be signed and forwarded to Hamilton County Facilities Attn: Mark Donnelly.

11/10/06 – Lockers due to be delivered early next week. Project is on target to be completed before scheduled date.

11/03/06 – Electrical and above ceiling inspections were completed this week. Awaiting arrival of lockers to complete project.

10/27/06 – Painter has been on site and still awaiting delivery date on lockers.
10/24/06 – The block wall and door frame have been installed. The concrete basins for the metal lockers were poured yesterday. The painter will be on site either later today or tomorrow. Joe Kihm of J.B.Schmitt is talking to the locker vendor to see if he can get the arrival date moved up to the end of this week or early next week instead of waiting until the week of November 12th like the schedule shows. If he can get this done it will knock a couple of weeks off of the finish date. Nick Richmond left a message with A&M Contracting and will relay any information he gets from them when they call back.
10/06/06 – Nick Richmond spoke with A&M Contracting this afternoon and was told by Mark Molinaro that they were on site today working on re-routing the conduits and circuit as described in the change order. The paperwork for the change order has been signed and mailed out. Although we have had a short delay while waiting on the door frame we have moved ahead with other areas on this project. I will keep you informed with updates as I receive them; or call and bug the contractors to get them.

10/06/06 – The EC has been on site re-routing the conduits as described in the change order. Project is moving along despite the slowed delivery of door frame.

10/02/06 – I received a fax from the EC on this project asking for clarification on the existing receptacle that was to be relocated. The receptacle is fed from conduit routed under the slab. The conduit also feeds vending machines down the line. I instructed Joe Molinaro of A&M Contracting to pull the wire back to it’s source and cut the conduit flush with the existing floor. The new receptacle will be re-fed from overhead utilizing the same circuit. The vending machines are also to re-fed from overhead. I told Joe to send me a change order for the added work.

10/02/06 – I spoke with J.B. Schmitt about schedule. Joe Kihm informed me that the door frame is a special order item and will take about a week to come in. I instructed Joe to continue with demolition and get everything completed that he could while waiting on the door.

09/25/06 – Work on site began today.

09/22/06 – Scheduled to start 9/25/06. Drawing have been forwarded for fire alarm permit.

09/15/06 – Permits have been obtained. Construction should start 09/25/06

09/11/06 – Received schedule from J.B. Schmitt. Schedule did not follow contract dates. I made a phone call to Joe Kihm at J.B. Schmitt and reworked the schedule. Joe said he will fax me a copy of the new schedule tomorrow. I also contacted A&M about the electrical permit and background checks. Mark Molinaro of A&M said that both issues will be taken care of this week.

09/08/06 – Awaiting scheduling from J.B. Schmitt.

05/22/06 – Bids came in on this project. JB Schmitt won the GC bid. A&M won the EC bid. Contracts have been written and given to TA for review.

04/05/06 – Final drawings and specs are being completed right now.

03/10/06 – TTC did not make the meeting but discussed with Mark Donnelly the need to not do any HVAC work and incur code changes when the HVAC system is slated for an complete overhaul in the coming year. We both agree that letting the GC move over the one diffuser that might interfere with the new wall is the best course of action for the mechanical work.

03/03/06 – Kickoff meeting slated for 03/10/06 at the Comm Center. TTC & TA will attend.