12/15/05 – Tony reported today that certified payroll has been received. TTC inquired about final payment being sent in that case.

12/14/05 – TTC emailed Tammy back to inform here that Certified Payroll still has to be received by the County before payment can be made.

11/15/05 – Tammy emailed us today to ask about final payment. Tony confirmed that we have not received certified payroll reports on this job. He needs those to process the final payapp. TTC contacted Tammy and asked for the payroll reports.

10/18/05 – TTC copied and will hand deliver tomorrow the final payapp and paperwork for this project.

05/27/05 – TTC received approval from Owner on completion of punchlist items at Coroner’s Office. TE sent 4 sets of as-built drawings and 2 sets of D size as-built dwgs to Tony Matre today via UPS. 4 sets of Owner’s Manuals were also sent with this mailing. TE will keep one copy of the O&M for its purposes at TE. TE will approve final pay application when it arrives from JCI. JCI submitted their Warranty letter to include as well PDF.

05/25/05 – TE received 2 “D” size set of control drawings per the County’s request. TE will deliver to the County. JCI provided a signed punchlist with the package. TTC approved some of the items. There is a remaining allowance of $5000 that needs to be used or returned before closeout on this project. The County needs to tell TE if the punchlist items are complete. Final paperwork should be sent in very shortly.

05/19/05 – TTC, JCI and the County met at the building and TE released the punchlist for the project. The commissioning phase of this project went extremely well and the chiller plant reacted and passed every test given to it. The County asked that the isolation valve be closed when the chiller is in alarm and JCI did that work on the fly. TTC asked for an OA setpoint where the County could tell the pump what speed to index to 100% at and JCI will add this trough graphics. Other than that the job was pretty much completely accepted. All timers, temperatures, start/stops and alarms functioned perfectly. Here is the punchlist PDF

04/18/05 – JCI was onsite finalizing programming on the DX9100 and wiring in the glycol pump and the chillers. TE arranged for Trane to be onsite at no additional cost to the County, JCI or TE and they worked out with JCI termination points to the chiller plant from the Metasys system. JCI pointed out that the graphics are not working yet but the text points are in place on the DDC computer in Ed’s office. JCI also showed Dave Maier how to enable the chiller and not have to bypass the relay in the penthouse. JCI will be back on Thursday April 21 to finalize the design.

03/24/05 – JCI has new DX9100 installed, powered up and programmed. JCI has verified all points to drive and is finishing point mapping so you can manually start pumps & valves from DDC if needed. JCI is completing hard wire commissioning check out of terminations for as-built sheets. Chiller would still have to be started manually also if cooling was needed at this time. JCI still awaiting wiring diagrams from Trane to wire directly into the Chiller. A Trane technician may be needed to coordinate the new input signals from JCI in the RTAA Chillers and Ed is calling Don Webber of Trane to assist with this work.

03/08/05 – Mike called today to say the Ed was looking for some Trane Control drawings. Mike Denton helped out with telling Ed that they are on the far unit and also with a follow up fax. Mike prefers these questions go through Trane or TE. I directed Ed to go to Trane with further similar questions. Chillers on manual control for next 2 weeks was also agreed upon. MJ stated that Trane Tracer hardware could be disposed of. TTC contacted Trane for pickup in the hopes that we can use this “nice” gesture on a future project with the Trane office.

03/07/05 – TTC visited the site on Monday and held the second construction meeting. EZ, TTC and Ed Braemer were present for the meeting. Much of the control wiring is pulled into place. TTC authorized the Trane Trace Panel to be removed and stored for turn over to Mike Jackson. I believe the power supply on the existing computer box is burnt up so when the computer is also turned over, remember that someone will have to replace the power supply before the OWS is completely functional if you ever plan on using the Trane Tracer system and computer. The DDC boxes should work fine. The automatic control of the chiller plant will now be down for approximately two weeks

03/01/05 – Mike Jackson reported the Automated Power is on site running cable. TTC contacted Ed Braemer and setup a construction mtg for March 7 at 8:30 a.m. for TTC, MJ, EB and EZ to kickoff project locally and discuss removing the Trane Controllers next week. The Chiller Plant will be down during this upgrade except possibly on manual control if needed.

02/10/05 – TTC sent the revised sequences to Ed Braemer for us on this project.

02/01/05 – After reviewing with EB on 01/25, TTC marked the prints up some more and revised the sequence. They will be delivered on 02/02.

01/25/05 – TTC has marked up the DDC control print for JCI. They are to be hand delivered today to Ed Braemer at 2:00 p.m. at the Admin Bldg.

01/21/05 – TTC inquiry regarding status. Still on hold and unable to speak to a person at the telephone listed on Johnson Controls Invoice. TTC gives direct telephone numbers to Alan Krupa and Tammy Blaeske. Left voice message for Tammy explaining that the invoice information should be on AIA documents G702 and G703 with a Affidavit of Original or Subcontractor form accompanying it. Called Alan Krupa and spoke to him in regards to the forms required. Tammy calls back and says that she has the AIA forms G702 and G703 completed but did not know what the Affidavit of Original or Subcontractor form is. TEI to mail the Affidavit for to Tammy, Tammy to hold the AIA forms for the Affidavit and send all three documents to ThermalTech Engineering.

01/03/05 – Called Johnson Controls and left voice message for Alan Krupa explaining that a notarized AIA G702 is required with a AIA G703 (Continuation Sheet) and a Form 44 Affidavit of Original or Subcontractor form instead of the Invoice form supplied.

11/29/04 – Off of the Budget Dept. County Engineer stamped on invoice. (Invoice mailed and received at the wrong place).

11/05/04 – Pre Construction Meeting

09/21/04 – SOSS scheduled to be delivered.

09/20/04 – Tony and Diana requested an SOSS for this project today. TE completed the state term contract for JCI and has already sent it down.