Project Lead: GBBN

03/05/15 – GBBN meets with County in Kick-0ff Meeting.

03/12/15 – Tour held to visit 6700 Steger Drive Building.

03/17/15 – GBBN calculates and compares computer room sizes for various County Buildings. Information sent to Ralph Linne at his request.

03/24/15 – SOSS authored and delivered to Facilities Department.

03/27/15 – Electronic PDF files received from CBRE for Tenant Fit-out of Building.

04/14/15 – GBBN meets with Facilities Department to discuss next steps in process.

04/23/15 – Visited a potential site and met at GBBN to discuss project. Crime Lab Design is in attendance to discuss Lab Renovation potential.

04/24/15 – Reviewed fieldwork and conducted a charrette to outline and discuss due diligence of using this building for the Crime Lab and Coroner’s offices in the future.

04/28/15 – GBBN released meeting notes. TTE reviewing meeting notes and sending a needs list back to GBBN to discuss with current owner.

04/28/15 – Signed SOSS sent to GBBN from Facilities Department.

04/28/15 – Carlisle Roofing responds to request for information on existing roofing system.

06/24/15 – GBBN met with Board of Elections to present update on progress to this date.

09/21/15 – Ralph Linne requests GBBN author a new SOSS for study of existing building at UC Reading Road campus for adaptive reuse as Crime Lab and Morgue Facilities.

10/07/15 – GBBN visited Building ‘D’ with Facilities and representatives of UC. Logistics and other Reading Road Campus options for the Coroner were discussed.

10/12/15 – Facilities notifies GBBN the UC Reading Road Campus option will not be pursued any further. GBBN requested to submit a new SOSS for Master Plan Services for Existing and Future Buildings”.