Partner Lead: TEI

11/21/14 – SOSS sent to Bert Watts for approval.

12/11/14 – TEI receives approved SOSS and PO.

12/16/14 – TEI meets with Rodney Lofland on site to discuss full scope and deliverables.

01/29/15 – TEI progress meeting and field work with Rodney Lofland and review 80% drawings for project.

02/24/15 – TEI working to complete package. meetings with City, Vicon and integrator scheduled for 2/27 for coordination.

03/25/15 – TEI coordinated with the City of Cincinnati, division of Traffic Safety, and the CPD re the mounting of the cameras on the street lights. City of Cincinnati (Greg Long) told TEI that he does not have authority to approve any cameras on city light poles. TEI talked with Rodney Lofland, who is coordinating with county administrator to see if there are contacts that he has made that can approve the cameras on the light poles. TEI to meet with Rodney on 03/26/15 at 1:00 PM to develop a backup plan if city will not allow on their poles.

04/29/15 – Project was issued for bid on 04/23/15. Pre-Bid conference scheduled for 05/07/15 at the Courthouse. Bid opening date scheduled for 05/21/15 at 11:00 AM at 138 East Court Street.

05/26/15 – Bids received. TEI calling Debra Kuempel (apparent low bid) to qualify bid and drafting up contract for prosecutor approval. Upon return of approved contract, work to be scheduled and installation to begin (assuming around 07/01/15).

06/24/15 – Rodney said the contract is signed. Project commencement waiting on PO from purchasing department. Rodney Lofland indicated about 3 weeks for the turn around of the PO.

07/22/15 – Purchase order signed and sent to DK for project (PO# PO563836). Project pre-construction meeting was conducted on 7/20, and the work shall commence within the next few days according to DK. DK indicated that all new NVRs will be installed and allowed to run with no existing cameras connected to them for a minimum of 1 week (each) to make sure that there are no issues.

08/25/15 – Project is on-going. DK is proceeding with the installation of indoor cameras, NVR’s, Nucleus, and cabling in all of the buildings. Intent is to do all outdoor work (with lift) at same time. Additional cameras were added in Admin Lobby, and (3) 24 port POE network switches were added to project to isolate camera network. Cost for scope changes are allowance usages.

09/23/15 – Project is on-going. DK instructed to have all work (with the exception of skywalk cameras) complete, on line and recording prior to October 1. Punch list site visit scheduled for 10/08/15 with TEI.

10/28/15 – Project installation is complete. All cameras and DVRs are on line and recording. Because of vacation schedules and the DK foreman being on Jury Duty, the punch list has been re-scheduled for 10/29/15 in the afternoon. ThermalTech and Rodney Lofland to perform punchlist and develop write up for DK to complete. Project completion pending closeout documentation.

12/07/15 – Project punch list complete, and TEI is awaiting signed off copy of punch list and closeout documentation for project completion.

01/26/16 – ThermalTech receives as-builts and O&M manuals for review. ThermalTech rejects as-builts – and meets with DK to go over the issues with the drawings. DK working on correcting the as-builts and will re-submit to TEI for approval. TEI to bring to Rodney Lofland upon receipt.

02/23/16 – ThermalTech approved all final closeout documentation and delivers closeout documents, as-built drawings, O&M manuals, signed punchlist and final pay applications to Rodney Lofland. Project completed and ready for closeout.

05/26/16 – Put security cameras on CCTV layers and then archive.