07/17/17 – Kick off Meeting with GBBN and Facilities to walk the space and adjacent areas.
07/19/17 – Facilities confirms extending an elevator to this level would be required as part of the scope.
07/27/17 – Scope of work for this is to just do the study and construction estimate.  Include utilities, elevator, windows, core and shell upgrades.  Can an elevator be installed that just goes between 6 and 7 – is that cheaper.  SOSS requested in less than two weeks, provide scope, cost, investigation, code review and and quick SD type design.
08/08/17 – GBBN  meets with Tim Davis of Aluminum Resources to discuss window replacements and possible criminal justice type window replacements.
08/11/17 – THP issued SOSS for structural support services for renovation study.
08/12/17 – GBBN authors and delivers SOSS to Facilities.
06/27/19 – Ok to archive.