08/08/05 – TTC received and approved the final paperwork for CH Archive from Ginter. Warranty and other paperwork received. TTC will hand deliver on 085/09.

08/01/05 – Diana called today because only 2 of the closeout documents have been received. TTC is checking with Ginter.

07/11/05 – TE received Ginter’s final paperwork for this job. TTC will review and sent to County.

07/07/05 – TE and PHB worked out the payapp details today by phone. TE had payapp #4 in house but wasn’t logged into the website. Issues are now resolved. Final paperwork will be sent to the county on Friday.

07/05/05 – TE received final pay application for project. There are some details that TE has to discuss with PHB before TTC will submit to County. Owner’s address is incorrect and has been on previous apps – TTC missed that. The previous payments don’t add up. Line 7 (previous payapps) doesn’t match Line 6 on previous payapp. TTC will stop in at PHB in morning and go over with Lee Anne.

06/21/05 – PHB (LeAnn) called to say they are sending a revised final payapp to closeout the project. TTC coordinate final numbers and instructed the to apply for final.

06/15/05 – Dorn Sprinkler Invoice arrived for $220.00 to clean the sprinkler head covered with insulation. TE will mail to Diana today.

06/10/05 – Peck sent a Word document confirming final allowance usages. TE instructed them to sign the change order sent and send back all paperwork. Bernie said he is on it. TTC emailed Dorn Sprinkler about invoice for cleaning the sprinkler head.

05/24/05 – TTC and PHB discussed final paperwork and O&M’s. PHB is finalizing project for closeout. Paperwork should be received in a week or so.

05/11/05 – DES advised to closeout the project and have PHB return the balance of the allowance. TE will write the credit change order for everyone to sign of $1358 and send for everyone to sign. TE also updated the allowance usages for this project below.

04/26/05 – Ginter and Honeywell ran the FA test this morning. Everything passed with flying colors. Larry Keifer asked us to replace one sprinkler head that had some spray foam insulation on it from the ceiling work by JB Schmitt. TTC called Dorn and instructed them to get with Mike Bartlett and take care of the issue ASAP. TTC told Ginter to send in all their final paperwork for the job for approval.

04/22/05 – TTC contacted Bernie about final paperwork and O&M’s for this job and finalizing allowance work too. Bernie said that the would work on it right away.

04/18/05 – Ginter called today to inform us that the city has finalized our final inspection date of April 26 at 6:00 a.m. at the site. JC Schmitt does not believe they need to be there so TE, Ginter, Honeywell and Mike Bartlett will be required to run this test for approval. All the work is already complete and the pretest already passed. Please make arrangements for this test and I believe Jim Ginter already called to let you know about this test.

04/11/05 – TTC called city directly today to inquire about status of permit. It has been two months since we submitted engineering change to this project and TE pointed out that we need get this project finalized. TTC is waiting to hear back from city. City mailed to Jim Ginter on 04/08/05. We need this permit to call for final inspection according to Amit. Jim did you receive the permit in the mail yet?

04/05/05 – Permit Number for Engineering Change to Fire Protection: 2004P07997.

04/0405 – Ginter called and got approval on the permit from Amit Gosh. Once more approval or actually waiting for the city to call us to tell us to pick up the permit – we will be ready to go.

03/24/05 – TTC checked with Ginter today on status. No new information to report – City has permit and is reviewing it.

03/16/05 – TTC checked with Ginter today on status. No new information to report – City has permit and is reviewing it.

03/03/05 – TTC checked with Ginter today on status. No new information to report – City has permit and is reviewing it.

02/22/05 – Ginter reported that all new fire alarm devices are installed in the Archive Room. Joe Dale of Honeywell is working on the new Fire Alarm permit drawings which have to be submitted to the city as an engineering change to the existing permit drawings. Mike Stiles will assist Ginter if needed to submit these plans. Honeywell was supposed to turn in these drawings on Mon or Tues of this week to the city. They are not turned in as of this email and Jim Ginter is calling Honeywell with word that we want them turned in ASAP so that we can pay out the GC in two weeks and have final inspections complete. TE received signed Change Order #002 from Ginter today.

02/16/05 – Ginter reported that new fire alarm devices are being installed today. They will coordinate with building officials on final inspection. MS wrote a change order for Ginter to have Copp provide the power supply, ~$700, that was left off of the door hardware schedule.

02/10/05 – TE has coordinated with the City and Inspector. Ginter has submitted the new fire alarm permit drawings to the city. TE will attempt to keep everyone apprised on the new status.

02/09/05 – GBBN issued punchlist to JB Schmidt for this project.

02/01/05 – Change order #01 for Ginter was issued by ThermalTech to Contractor and County.

01/20/05 – Final Inspection scheduled for February 3, 2005. Building Inspector and Fire Marshal should be present. 6:00 a.m. Larry Keifer requested additional strobes. Te to coordinate with Honeywell to get this work done.

01/18/05 – The Archive room passed its pretest this morning no problem according to Mr. Bob Ginter. Honeywell has to hook up the outdoor air actuator still and that won’t happen until next week according to joe dale (via b ginter). then we can set final inspection. Peck has to modify the outdoor air duct so that it is not connected directly to the unit and blank off penetration at unit as well.

01/11/04 – TE checked on job progress today. Peck reported that unit could not be completely started up because two receiver tanks were missing from the condenser on the roof. Peck found them in their shop and brought them onsite. They will try to have their crew at the building on Wednesday to install the tanks and the associated piping. Peck also noted that the OA duct is connected to the return plenum at an access door that will make unit maintenance difficult from that side of the unit. TTC discussed with Mike and conferred with other TE engineers and there is no reason to bring in 200 cfm of outdoor air for this space. TE will direct Peck to remove the OA connection at the unit and just terminate the outside air duct at the wall with a grille. This will allow a small amount of OA to enter the space to meet the one person 20 cfm requirement by code. If in the future, we need too, we can add an additional exhaust fan to the OA to bring in small quantities directly into the room. This is a better design and use of the equipment in my opinion and the factory startup technician agrees. Please advise TE that this is acceptable to the County.

01/13/05 – Ginter faxed pencil copy of revised Application #1 which has been approved.

01/12/05 – Called Ginter and Spoke with Michael. Michael remembers the problem with App. #1 and didn’t know that the Application was hold and should be resubmitted. Michael thought that it had been sent to Hamilton County and was upset that he would have to resubmit and wait 30-60 days for payment. Michael asked to revise Application #2 combining the Payment Due amounts of App 1 & 2 and resubmit the Application as #1. We’ll skip submission of Application #2 and use the already submitted application #3 which will be on hold for the final documents.

01/11/05 – Ginter Applications #2 & 3 reflects previous payment for Application #1. Application #1 has been on hold since November due to the incorrect change order amount. Contacted Ginter, spoke to Jim Ginter and explained why I could not submit Application #2, he said that I should talk to Michael who is not in the office and that he would have Michael call me.

01/10/05 – Ginter Pay App. #’s 2 & 3 received.

01/03/04 – JB Schmidt is installing the doors and security hardware on Monday and Tuesday and Ginter will hook up the security right afterwards.

12/30/04 – TTC & MB walked the site and MB pointed out that the Danfoss valves being installed may cause more trouble than they are worth as the piping is sold old and the connection to it could result in steam leaks in the piping below the concrete slab. TE will direct PHB on how to proceed

12/24/04 – TTC talked to Peck for and update. The piping and sheetmetal guys should be back on the job on Monday, 12/27. They are currently under the gun at the Quest building downtown and this is pushing our schedule back. TE emphasized that this project is scheduled to be completed at the end of the year and Doug Turner said a significant portion of the remaining work could be completed this week. Hopefully they do make it on site and a lot of the ductwork and piping gets completed before our next construction meeting. TE has to contact Ginter because communications questioned the width of the cable tray Ginter installed. I don’t see making it bigger now, but let me see what they say. All of the remaining HVAC equipment including controls and steam “donfoss” type valves are on site or Peck has them for installation. Mike Bartlett questioned the rubber pads under the feet of the Liebert units. TTC will check into this item with Peck.

11/29/04 – Liebert unit and crane delivery scheduled for this Saturday. TE forwarded request for CH personnel for this weekend work onto the County. TE requested that TE, PHB and Mike Bartlett get together later this week

11/10/04 – TTC coordinated with Peck on the feet of head available from the condensate pump on the Liebert unit and what is called for on the drawings. Pump has 20 ft of head so overhead piping can be ran about 15ft above the floor and along the water line route to the shaft and into the drain per the drawings. AC unit is still schedule to be delivered the 3rd week of November. Peck will still be coordinated the crane and equipment lifts for that weekend. If anything changes TE will let everyone know.

11/09/04 – Ginter Pay Application #1 received with incorrect Chg. Order Amount Jim of Ginter notified and will resubmit.

11/09/04 – Ginter Change Order #1 sent via courier to Ginter for signature and then to Hamilton County.

10/21/04 – Mitch from HCCD at last meeting requested an EMT conduit or cable tray from existing telephone data closet to archive computer room. TEI to get revised sketch to Ginter Electric for pricing.

10/08/04 – TE visited the site. We noted the walls are up to the deck, the caps are on the ceiling cavities per our last meeting. The Liebert HVAC unit is not expected to ship until late in November. Pet.

09/30/04 – Rough in inspection complete for Electrical, Some supports installed, waiting for GC to install doors for door contact work.

09/15/04 – Construction Meeting complete. Project on schedule. See meeting notes below.

09/13/04 – Submittals received from PHB on Mechanical Equipment.

09/13/04 – Permit ready. JC Schmidt to pick up and pay for with reimbursement from PHB

09/03/04 – JB Schmidt on site. Moving studs up into space.

10/08/04 – Sheetmetal caps were installed on existing openings in ceiling.