GBBN Prime

3/13/10-Bert Watts requested Kick-off Meeting at B-95.

3/16/10-GBBN met with Bert Watts at B-95 to review preliminary sketch and photograph site.

3/17/01-Fee proposal from IPM received. Discussed project with TEI for coordination.

4/1/10-SOSS to be submitted to Bert Watts at Partnering Meeting.

4/27/10- Signed and approved SOSS sent by email from Bert Watts to GBBN.

5/4/10- Sketch received documenting extended Office changes.

5/13/10- IPM sends revised reception desk configuration.

5/18/10- Revised sketches sent to ThermalTech for the purpose of TEI generating a SOSS.

6/23/10- Sent electronic files to Owner for review of final construction documents.

6/24/10- Michael Foulck of TEI confirmed all issues/questions have been addressed for MEP. His only concern is for the condition of AHU-B9. We will follow up with Bert once maintenance has checked the unit.

6/24/10- Bert Watts indicate the 2’x2′ light fixture in Ralph Linne’s office is to be removed from the drawings.

7/12/10- Bert Watts indicated the drawings are acceptable for submission for Building Permit.

7/16/10- Building Permit, Application and Electronic Submittal submitted to City of Cincinnati Department of Buildings and Inspections.

12/17/10- GBBN completed As-Built Drawings and forwarded them to Bert Watts.