07/17/07 – TTC emailed Tom Heyl today to tell him that TEI originally signed the payapp on 05/16 but resigned a blank copy on 07/13 at Tony’s office for payment. TEI also asked Process to do some piping work with the remaining $1000 on the PO if Tony says it is ok to do.

01/22/07 – Project complete. TTC not sure final paperwork has been received at this point.

06/27/06 – Bids have started to come in on the job and TTC is tabulated them. TTC will send tabulation to Mike and Tony today when complete.

06/23/06 – TTC sent out prebid meeting notes for project. PDF

06/12/06 – TTC met with Tony and Mike. Prebid on this project is set for June 20. TTC contacted Steve Hutton at GE about attending the prebid. TTC will contact the contractors to schedule the prebid.