12/26/06 – The project is complete and the work was completed by EDI. The only problem is getting the city buy into the final design. A problem exists between Steve Ossege and ThermalTech about what engineering dwgs were submitted on the project. TEI gave a engineer dwg to EDI to put the work in but the city permit doesn’t reflect it. Once this resolved the project can be closed out and archived.

12/04/06 – EDI has installed the drain pan under the FCU, TTC needs to resolve the dwg issue with the city examination department and get Steve Ossege approval on the closeout.

11/20/06 – TEI has been working with EDI to get Steve Ossege to approve the building permit for this space and rectify the deficiencies in this space according to Steve Ossege phone call to TTC at TEI about the space and the permit. The ductwork has been modified so the return is fed back tot he unit, Mark Donnelly’s office has an OA duct and a supply duct and the FCU will get a pan underneath it as soon as the water switch arrives.

05/26/06 – Dorn received building permit number from Spencer today and is applying for actual fire sprinkler permit work.

05/23/06 – TTC contacted Dorn sprinkler about the progress of the fire permit for the breakroom area. Dorn sent a dwg and a revised dwg to TE showing the changes. Bert Watts will inform us when the ceiling grid is in place and then Dorn will put the new sprinkler heads in the new space. This should work fine.

03/06/06 – TTC got a late start on the project that was supposed to be done last Wednesday but today finished up both the mechanical and plumbing but realized a big problem with the HVAC and asked for guidance from HamCo. TTC sent an preliminary HVAC plot to the County for review. The plumbing is finished and ready for permit.