Partner Lead: GBBN

09/13/13 – Tony Matre requested an SOSS from GBBN to clean the Bronze Doors of the Courthouse.

09/13/13 – GBBN visited the Courthouse to examine the various doors and take photographs. GBBN sends scope questions to Tony Matre for clarification.

09/16/11 – Tony Matre sends answers to GBBN and suggests meeting on site to review the doors, windows and light posts.

09/20/13 – GBBN meets with Tony Matre to view the doors, windows and light posts. Tony presents an earlier vendor quote to GBBN with contact information.

09/25/13 – GBBN completes and delivers SOSS to Bert Watts for processing.

03/27/14 – TEI sent GBBN CH Vestibule Project Manual for coordination on cleaning scope. Only the center vestibule will be done if any are approved. This should not change the cleaning scope in TTC’s opinion.

05/02/14 – GBBN forwards preliminary drawings and specifications to Tony Matre for review.

07/30/14 – Tony Matre calls GBBN to discuss replacement options on hold-open latches for the existing Riot Doors. Tony to send digital photos to GBBN for inquiries with vendors.