12/28/17 – THP publish SOSS to Hamilton County as requested.
03/16/18 – Hamilton County approved SOSS.
04/26/18 – THP provided owner review documents to the County.
05/24/18 – Revised Owner review documents sent to County.
05/25/18 – County provided comments.
05/29/18 – Documents issued to purchasing for review.
05/30/18 – Purchasing provided comments to the review documents. Project issued ITB 044-18.
06/1/18 – Issued bid documents to County and ARC for publication.
06/5/18 – Documents available to bidders
06/11/18 – Prebid meeting occurred at Courthouse.
06/12/18 – Addendum No.1 and No.2 issued.
06/26/18 – Bid opening occurred with four contractors submitting proposals. Two of the four bids under published estimate. American Façade Restoration is the apparent low bidder.
06/27/18 – THP had phone conversation with AFR to review their bid.
07/02/18 – THP provided a bid summary letter and draft AIA contract for review by the County.
07/05/18 – County published updated AIA contract and documents for review by AFR.
7/25/18 – County published executed AIA contract.
08/21/18 – Background checks approved and submittals in process.
08/30/18 – Preconstruction meeting scheduled for 9/1/18.
09/1/18 – Preconstruction meeting completed.
09/26/18 – American Scaffolding erected swing stage equipment for courtyard repairs.
10/12/18 – Change Order #01 Executed. During the dentil repairs it was discovered the cornice steel supports were heavily corroded. Change order #1 provide new support detail, that is integrated into the dentil repair.
10/25/18 – AFR working on courtyard dentil repairs.
11/16/18 – Change Order #02 Executed. Work to address loose stone, concrete, masonry materials observed during city façade assessments.
11/29/18 – AFR completed Courthouse base bid repairs. Roughly 60% of knock down survey and stone stabliziation work complete. Work scheduled to be completed December 8th (weather permitting).
12/07/18 – AFR completed all knock down work for Change order #02
12/31/18 – AFR completed final window repair for Change order #02.
01/17/19 – THP submitted the certified AFR pay application to the County.
01/18/19 – AFR submitted close out documentation to THP for review.
03/21/19 – THP forwarded final close out documents to the County.
04/25/19 – Project complete