Partner Lead: THP

02/24/17 – Hamilton County requested SOSS.

03/02/17 – THP provided Hamilton County with a SOSS.

03/09/17 – County approved SOSS.

04/27/17 – THP working on report.

05/25/17 – THP working on report.

06/29/17 – THP anticipated to issue final report.

07/07/17 – THP Final Façade Assessment Report to County.

07/11/17 – THP issued an opinion of probable cost for City façade repair work.

07/17/17 – THP submitted report to City along with fee.

08/17/17 – THP received an approval letter for the submitted Façade Assessment report. In addition, the letter included a violation notice for work to be performed within the next year. Once the work is complete, a report noting the completion of the work needs to be submitted to the City. The due date for the completion of the work and submission of the letter is August 9, 2018.