06/27/17 – Hamilton County requested SOSS for a complete new fire alarm system in the entire building.
07/25/17 – TEI authors SOSS and submits to HamCo for approval. Project pending SOSS approval and PO.
08/28/17 – Project pending SOSS approval and PO. BOCC will vote on this 9/13
09/26/17 – BOCC approves project at 09/13/17 meeting. TE authors memo to BW addressing the accessibility to the building for the existing system audit. Kickoff and field work to be scheduled upon receipt of signed SOSS and PO.
10/25/17 – TEI conducts kickoff meeting with facilities. TEI has been working on the initial field verification of all of the existing fire alarm system devices. Estimating that the field documentation will be complete approximately the end of the first week of November. TEI holds meeting with Fire Marshall to discuss building issues (construction techniques, historical significance, evacuation protocol, etc.) and distributes the meeting minutes to the team.
11/29/17 – TEI concludes field investigation/Audit of existing system. TEI Working on SD package of new design of system and will distribute SD plans to facilities upon completion for review.
01/22/18 – TEI has 90% design review meeting with HamCo (facilities, Building ops and bldg mgr). Final project schedules discussed.
02/20/18 – ThermalTech delivers 100% review drawing and project manual to Bert Watts for review. ThermalTech evaluating the cost estimate for the project and upon receipt of review comments from Bert Watts – project will be issued for bids.
03/27/18 – ThermalTech to deliver to Purchasing by 03/30/18 project ITB information to be available for bidding to the contractors on 4/3/18. Bids due 5/10/18. Prebid Meeting on 4/19/18.
04/25/18 – Prebid meeting occurred on 4/19.  Addendum #1 has been issued with meeting minutes and questions submitted.   Bid opening scheduled for 05/10.
05/30/18 – Bids opened and were on budget and award-able.  DK apparent low bid.  TEI authors contracts and sends to BW for review and approval.  TEI sends BW final contracts to forward to prosecutors office for approval.
06/27/18 – Project kickoff pending receipt of contacts and BOCC approval.
07/25/18 – Project kickoff pending receipt of contacts and BOCC approval.
08/29/18 – BOCC approves DK contract – and HamCo Facilities delivers approved contract to DK.  DK is developing submittal drawing currently, and will we will be scheduling a pre-construction meeting in the upcoming weeks once submittal drawing have been reviewed and approved.
09/26/18 – Construction kick-off pending receipt of fire alarm submittals.
10/23/18 – Pre-construction meeting was held on 10/19/18.  DK mobilization date for project was 10/22/18.  JCI/Simplex finalizing submittals – picking up ThermalTech review comments.
11/28/18 – DK has mobilized on the project and began construction.  One booster panel was relocated to the lower level from first floor area A.  Working on completing the backbone in the building prior to getting into court spaces.  Also working on removing the fire fighter phones from the existing spaces for the general contractor to keep busy.  DK to provide a 2-week look ahead of when they will be getting to court spaces.
01/29/19 – DK continuing the progress, nearing completion of the installation of devices in the basement and sub-basement floors of the CH.  DK anticipates 2-3 weeks and the basement will be completed.  Waiting on submittals for the BDA.
02/26/19 – Work continues in process.  New system Backbone is installed throughout the building.  Sub Basement, Basement, 7th floor  work complete.   Working on the 6th floor now and will be complete on 6 in the next week or two.  Moving to the 5th floor next.  DK submits RFI for the BDA replacement – TEI to get Daryl Meadows interpretation on BDA upon his return to the office after 2/27/19.
03/26/19 – Work continues on project.  There have been construction issues that are being worked out with the contractor.  DK to provide pricing for code changed requirements for the BDA (Code changed between issuance for bids and issuance for permits) and the BDA now requires battery backup.  DK also to provide pricing for devices found above the holding cells on 6th floor.
04/24/19 – Work is continuing on project.  Areas complete are sub-basement, basement, seven, six and most of five.  DK working on 4th floor currently.  DK is starting to become concerned with schedule, since it took the FA sub-contractor over 4 months to turn in the project submittals.  DK scheduling inspections of the 5th, 6th and 7th floors (tentatively May 8 after 4:30 PM).  These floors are now on the Simplex system in the building.  Elevators will be last things converted (all floors) since they are on all floors and circuits are run vertically in building.
05/29/19 –  The building department and the fire department have inspected the SD, and the speaker strobes on 5, 6, and 7. They were pleased and instructed to keep proceeding with the plans that were submitted, as the system was designed.  Work continues and DK is working on the 3rd floor and 2nd floor at this time.
06/26/19 – The work continues to proceed on the project.  Anticipate that the 2nd floor will be complete and turned over by July 1.  DK anticipating contacting the building department as requesting the next inspection for floors 1, 2, 3 and 4 during the week of July 15th.  BDA submittal received by TEI and returned to DK to complete the submittal.  TEI waiting on re-submission.
07/24/19 – Inspections conducted on 07/18/19 for floors 1, 2, 3 and 4.  The Inspections were successful and the SD and AV devices were approved and accepted.  DK finalizing work on first floor and working in the basement.  DK receives PO from Triton to include the devices in the Law Library so the entire building is included under the one warranty on the project.  DK waiting on JCI/Simplex for shop drawings for the Law Library and then that work will be completed asap.
08/27/19 – All devices for the law library are roughed in.  Triton to communicate with DK when to device out (post painting).  Basemen devices complete for the most part.  Corners, elevators and air handlers are now being worked on.
09/25/19 – Basement and Law Library Inspection occurred on 09/25/19.  ThermalTech completes punchlist #1 and issues to all parties.  East elevator lobbys (all floors) still incomplete.  There are several areas where the work is incomplete, and TEI will be returning for a punch list follow up visit.
10/30/19 – construction meeting was held on 09/24/19.  There are elevator issues that were communicated to HCFD that must be addressed prior to final elevator inspection (the elevators are not functioning properly and will not recall – will not pass inspections).  Additionally, there is coordination with the energy management system (for the AHU’s) for a pre-test and final test, such that they are all left running for both the pretest and the final test (since the testing occurs off hours).  The door release is pending a project by Risk Management that is replacing the access control system. TEI to schedule final punchlist.  Other than a few items, and the final inspections, the project is substantially complete.
12/11/19 – Project is nearly complete.  There are operational issues with 3 of the elevators, a few AHUs, and a couple tamper flows that must be repaired before DK can call for the final inspection with the building department and fire department.  A list of items was sent to design team and HCFD is working on the repairs and will notify when the work is complete.  Final inspections will then be scheduled.
12/12/19 – County updated us on current operation and issues for the project closeout including fire pump controller, elevator interface and AHU interface in this building.

01/28/20 – HamCo, TEI and DK meet on 01/28/20 to discuss outstanding repairs and schedule for repairs and project completion (final inspection).

02/26/20 – Upon notification from HCFD that all elevator, tamper switch, and AHU repairs are completed, DK will schedule final inspection with City and FD.

03/26/20 – On 03/25/20 – DK and TEI receive notification that all of the repairs are complete, TEI asks DK to schedule pre-testing and completion of project, and then final inspection.

06/23/20 – DK scheduled final inspection.  The day prior to the final inspection, DK conducted a pre-test, and several item repairs were still incomplete.  Final inspection still pending repairs.  City of Cincinnati want to close out the permit, needs final to happen.

07/29/20 – TEI, DK and JCI Simplex conduct final testing with the building department and the fire department.  Everything passes inspection.  JCI Simplex had submitted the engineering change for the active shooter message to the building department.  Upon approval of the engineering change – building inspector needs to come back 1 final time for a brief demonstration that it works as indicated, and the project will have final approval.

08/21/20 – Project final inspections complete and approved.   Project closeout pending change order message and connection to the BMS.  DK has been emailed multiple times for schedule to complete these tasks, TEI has not received responses to the email inquiries.

09/23/20 – TEI meets with Honeywell, DK, JCI/Simplex and HCFD and Tim Schuh to get all data for the implementation of the safe-link card (tie the FA system into the BAS system).  TEI sent floor plans to Honeywell and all parties confirmed that they have everything that they need to complete the implementation of the system.

12/09/20 – DK scheduled to be on site on 12/09/20 to provide building personnel with required training on the system.  Honeywell and JCI Simplex scheduled to be on site on 12/10/20 to make final connections of the safelink card, at which point all on site work to be complete.  Upon receipt, review and approval of close out documents, this project will then be complete.