07/29/09 – We have not received final closeout documents from DK on this project yet. A couple of weeks ago, Bert reported that DK was working on closeout and had all the permit requirements to close this project out.

06/22/09 – Triton has sent everything for closeout on this project. DK got all their final permits and approvals, now we just need the remaining closeout documents.

06/16/09 – DK sent in O&M’s and George approved them. We sent them to Bert. TTC called Pam today and DK and said all final payments will be sent to Bert this week. We have not received the Triton closeout docs yet but TTC inquired with Triton about them.

05/22/09 – We are still working on closeout and permits. Jeff Jones approved the configuration and gave it a UL stamp. DK can now get final inspection and complete the project.

02/19/09 – Non Conformance letter from IBI is top issue. GM is working on. Bert wants a separate SOSS to upgrade the building later.

02/02/09 – Final permit sent to Bert Watts last Friday.

01/05/09 – TTC contact DK and Triton about closeout on this project today. DK needs to fix their invoice #3. Triton needs to send in final payapp even though all closeout paperwork is received. TTC sent allowance usage forms to both contractors for $2000 and $5000 use on this project. DK emailed lots of questions about how to fix billing. That is worked out. Bert asked for final inspections to be completed soon and for Triton to get theirs done.

12/20/08 – Bert reports that most of the work is complete. The XFER Switch component is being ordered and special made at the factory.

11/25/08 – DK said work will be starting next week and should wrap up soon.

11/24/08 – TTC contact DK about closeout.

10/16/08 – Debra sent in change order numbers that equal $5000 (the allowance). These have been approved by Bert and TEI. TEI will process the paperwork for usage and send to DK to facilitate the work occurring at the generator project. We will get insulation on the exhaust piping, a refill on the fuel oil and a part replacement on the transfer switch in the room that was not originally part of the scope. TTC dropped of Kohler O&M’s for this project to Bert by hand. Bert called and said he got them.

09/18/08 – O&M’s received and sent to Bert for Triton. Triton is 100% complete with Permit & As-Builts drawings that are being hand delivered to Bert. DK is missing as-builts and permit and need to provide a quote to insulated the exhaust piping.

09/10/08 – County reported issues from load test include loosened bolts, too hot, heat detector tripped and room overheated. Bert wants inspection certificates and we want o insulated the exhaust piping. Triton cannot provide insulation within project budget. BW advised to proceed with DK. DK sent submitted payapp 2. Allowances usage added to pay app page.

08/29/08 – Load bank test is scheduled for 09/06 at 10am. TTC requested all closeout and inspection forms from contractors.

08/25/08 – Vic at Buckeye responded today that they will set up the load bank test for this project directly through Bert.

08/22/08 – Bert wants TEI to call for load bank test. We contact DK via email.

08/08/08 – Both Mechanical and Electrical punchlists have been given to contractors. TEI has finished mechanical as-built dwg.

08/01/08 – TTC sent out the Mechanical Punchlist to Triton and requested closeout paperwork and allowance usage numbers for the upsized generator exhaust. GM sent out the electrical punchlist for this project.

07/29/08 – Generator mini test and training went well. TEI to do punchlist for project. Automatic Transfer switch acts funny but that was not in the scope of this project

07/04/08 – ThermalTech visited the site as Triton & Debra Kuempel installed the equipment. The entire weekend went smoothly.-