11/02/05 – Triton called to say that the certified payroll will be delivered tomorrow. This should wrap up the project completely.

10/18/05 – Triton’s final payapp came in. TTC approved and will give to Tony Matre on Wed via hand delivery.

10/03/05 – The valves and spool piece have been replaced. Triton is getting an insulator down to the site for final work. The final pay application is en route to ThermalTech for final approval.

09/22/05 – Triton is scheduled to replace the defective valves in the Courthouse this week on Saturday. They will being working on Saturday morning. The CH will turn off the steam on Friday to allow the plant to cool down.

09/13/05 – Triton came down and measured for the spool piece today. Mike really wants it installed by 10/01 and Ed Makin said they would try for two weeks. Mike asked about putting back an isolation valve in the spool. TTC said that TE prefers to keep the main wide open with no restrictions plus the pneumatic valve provides isolation.

09/12/05 – Today we kicked of the low pressure steam flow meter project. Process will do all the work during the first week of October. Triton is coming down tomorrow to measure the spool piece for the Courthouse valve replacement.

07/18/05 – TTC contacted Brian Pastura by both email and voicemail today to discuss resolution on the boiler plant valves and back pressure regulator. No return contact as of this email. TTC will continue to follow up with Triton.

07/06/05 – TTC found a quote from JCI to control the bypass valve on the supply to the JC. Based on the Spirax/Triton quote this may be the best solution to the steam supply issue in the

wintertime because the full flow works as proven last year through the bypass. By automating this valve to try to match what the JC needs, we can control total flow and still have the shutdown of the spirax valve to prevent carryover. PDF. TTC sent out Add01 for the Steam Flow meter project. The new bid opening date is July 12 at NOON. PDF

07/05/05 – TTC emailed Triton and Spirax trying to get the repair price out of them for the steam valve and to find out how to independently control the valve without DDC as TTC requested and Mike Bartlett questions (TTC did not have an answer for).

06/15/05 – TTC emailed Alpha Controls about new bid project: Mike, We spoke about 3 or 4 months ago about replacing the existing flowmeter at the Hamilton County Courthouse. I now have to bid out the replacement of the flow meter at the Courthouse. I will need the specs on the valve that you believe we should install. If you remember our final decision was to abandon the valve in the vertical and go with a steam flow valve downstream of the PRV in the low pressure supply to the building. This will allow us access to a large header from the floor with significant straight length. We will provide all the bid documents for three to five mechanical contractors to give us pricing on the job. I will ask them to hire you to provide the meter and do the control hook up. I will need a budget price from you now for your portion and I will need your help on spec’ing the right model number and getting the right flanges and connections in to accomplish what we are trying to do. You will have take the existing control leads and reconnect them to the new flow meter we are providing. As you already know – we don’t need exact lb/hr reading for some sort of process control but rather a flow meter that can give reasonable accurate readings from 0 – 10,000 lbs/hr or so.

06/15/05 – TTC and Pete Rorison talked by phone today. The existing valve will not and can not work under the existing conditions. Spirax can provide a Globe Control valve that can work in this situation. They cannot however, provide this valve at no cost to the County. Pete said the original valve was designed at what they believed was the correct design conditions at the time. Spirax will provide a new control valve, actuator and positioner and re-use the existing pilot positioner tap for control. Either the County or Triton will need to run a new pneumatic line over to the controller/actuator for the motive force to operate the new control valve. TTC instructed Pete to coordinate with Triton and get a best and lowest price together to do this work. There will be a credit for returning the old valve in lieu of the one we may install. When TE receives this new price, we will pass it along with a recommnedation.

06/14/05 – Pete Rorison emailed TE back today. Many of the issues in his memo were not correct. TTC sent a response email to rebut what was said and to try to clear up exactly what Spirax/Sarco is ready to do to make things right. TTC will follow up with Triton tomorrow for final resolution.

06/10/05 – TTC emailed Brian and Pete with a final direction on the Steam Control Valve. TE told them to have a solution in place by June 30th. PDF

06/09/05 – Triton called today to inquire about status of project. Per TTC’s conversation with Tony Matre on 6-7-05 there needs to be some resolution on the Spirax/Sarco valve issue before final payment is received. TTC will call Pete Rorison to see if another valve will work. TE sent out an email to discuss with County PDF.

05/20/05 – TTC and MB discussed the findings of Randy from PHB. The final word is that the steam valve is working correctly. TE next will make a recommendation about increasing the steam pressure in the boiler plant up to compensate for the low flow through the Spirax Valve. Another option is to set the max flow with the bypass open a certain % (field verified) to meet the max demand of the JC in the winter time. PHB stated that the 20:1 spring is the correct spring for the pilot and that the pressures seen on the inlet and outlet of the valve are correct for this valve.

05/10/05 – Triton’s revised invoice arrived. TTC discussed with Jim Drye the steam valve and decided to talk to Rich DeBat, a former Armstrong rep, about this control valve. TTC also contacted PHB about troubleshooting the existing valve. TE had Bernie provide a name of the their steam control valve tech (Randy) who is scheduled to meet Mike Bartlett on Friday at 6:30 a.m. to look at the valve and maybe do some troubleshooting for us. I told him to bill ThermalTech for now (as a reimbursable expense for now) We can judge how much of this time and work we need to help us out. After he gives us a synopsis, TE will provide a permanent fix for the boiler plant and we understand this has to happen this spring/summer.

04/20/05 – Triton and TE discussed in great deal when Triton is going to get paid for their remaining outstanding balance on this project. TE sent an email to Tony about what Triton wants to do – bill the whole contract now at this point. We are waiting on the County to decide about this.

04/19/05 – AKM & TTC talked about how to resolve PRV issue and Tony said that he has $10,000 to get these final two issues resolved through Triton Services. They will charge to the existing PO’s that Tony has available for this job. TE promised to have these issues taken care of this summer before winter ever gets here.

03/25/05 – TTC and County discussed solutions for the PRV valve since Spirax cannot provide a valve big enough to handle our load. TTC wants to bring in another engineer to discuss placing a second control valve in line to meet the maximum demand and still protect the Courthouse from steam spikes of the Justice Center.

03/14/05 – Triton delivered all final paperwork to ThermalTech for this project. TE to review and deliver to County.

03/11/05 – ThermalTech, County, Triton & Spirax/Sarco met to discuss the regulator valve issues at the CH. Several problems were discussed and solutions were also discussed. The bottom line is that the valve is not sized large enough to handle the full load required at the JC and still maintain the steam pressure required at the JC. Per Mike Bartlett’s excellent suggestions, TTC is pursuing JCI about automating the bypass valve to make up for this discrepancy. More info is coming in the near future to further discuss this issue.

03/08/05 – TTC has spoken to Brian Pastura about getting chuck on site to make these changes and they will do what they can but would like to have a meeting between TEI, Mike, Tony and Triton to decide on how to handle the workings of this valve for now and in the future. i agreed with brian that this would be a good idea and asked him to set up this meeting.

03/07/05 – Mike reported that Alpha’s service called yielded some design and equipment problems with the existing flow meter: Mike Maloney from Alpha Controls came in Thursday to check the Courthouse Yokogawa Steam Flow Meter. He found the sensor not working and recommended replacement. He estimated a replacement cost of just the sensor at $1500.00. After looking at the meters specifications, I found that this meter does not read steam flow under 3000 lbs/hr. An 8 inch valve is set up for reading between 3000 lbs/hr to 40000 lbs/hr. We believe that the Courthouse steam flow would be no more than 10000 lbs/hr. He recommended downsizing the valve to 4 inches and redoing the piping to allow for more straight piping that is recommended. He says that right now the 8 inch meter does not have enough straight piping for correct flow readings. He estimated a complete 4 inch meter at $2000.00. TE recommends doing this work to get this additional flow added to the Master flow readings on the front end for use and troubleshooting reasons.

02/24/05 – Pete Rorison called today to basically say that ThermalTech gave him the wrong design conditions for the valve and that it will meet the design conditions of 65 psig inlet and 50 psig outlet at 16,000 pph. The problem is that the JC suffers and 8 lb pressure drop at full flow so the valve should be sized at 65 psig inlet and 58 psig outlet. ThermalTech sent their rebuttal and the Submittals data stating the the valve was to operate between 50 – 80 psig.

02/15/05 – TTC contacted Triton and Spirax about pressure regulating valve and its proper workings. We will advise when we have more information.

02/01/05 – TE contacting the manufacturer about valve failures. Plants scheduled to be shutdown and worked on when OAT is above 50 degree F.

01/25/05 – Triton tried to fix the pilot positioners but the Powell Steam Valves did not hold. TE requested that Triton contact the mfgr and get new valves to replace the defective valves. The spec and the contractor wanted positive shutoff valves in this system. MB may talk to JC about a steam plant shutdown to replace the valves and do the pilot control work on the steam pressure regulator/backpressure control valve.

01/14/05 – Tim Cancilla is supposed to be onsite today to readjust the controller valve for correct steam flow and to rectify pilot tubing installations.

01/12/05 – Called Tim @ Triton to verify final doc list rec’d. Tim said finals will take awhile to get together and that he needs a Affidavit of Contractor Prevailing Wage form (2 Affidavits mailed), App 5 sent via courier to AKM.

01/11/05 – Revised Triton Apps 5 & 6 rec’d, 6 on hold for final docs, 5 signed.

01/10/05 – TTC request I notify Triton of incorrect contract amount on Apps. Tim w/Triton notified that Apps 5 & 6 should be resubmitted w/correct contract amount & that 6 will be held for final docs, refaxed final doc list.

01/04/05 – Tim with Triton, faxed a pencil copy (Application No. 6) requesting $27,206.76 with zero balance. Pencil copy approved.

01/04/05 – Email AKM regarding status of Triton App 5 pymt.

01/04/05 – 010405 App 7 received w/zero balance ( Requested 9,571.00 Change Order amount). App 7 voided due to incorrect $’s on G702 and G703, Called & faxed mark-up of 7, requested a revised App be sent as App 6.

12/10/04 – Follow-up with Triton Services, Timothy Herzog regarding final documents. Mr. Herzog requested that ThermalTech re-fax the list of required documents (which was done in the am of this date).

120605. T. Herzog contacted & fax sent informing that App 6 on hold for final docs.

11/22/04 – Triton Services, Timothy Herzog contacted regarding final documents and a list of documents required faxed to Triton.

11/16/04 – Process has replaced the traps and they are insulating them. Kerry approved contract changes and TE will deliver the documents to Tony for final work, Triton will bring diamond plate down for installation and have their insulator finish up the piping on the boiler room. Mark Neary returned my phone call and I have to follow up with him on flow meter recalibration.

11/04/04 – TE contacted Triton about finalizing the punchlist on this project including the diamond grate, insulation, flow meter, summer boiler vent line. Process has been told to replace the steam traps asap even pending the outcome of the purchase order submitted. TE instructed Doug Doxsey that in addition to the traps and the pumped condensate lines that a steam trap to drain off the summer boiler may also be a change order the County is looking to get prices on.

10/27/04 – TE sent change order request to Process for steam trap replacement. PDF

10/22/04 – TE scheduled to perform punchlist on project. Insulator has wrapped up majority of work. Steel grating not installed yet.

10/21/04 – TE has to get a steam trap decision to Mike Bartlett this week. TTC has to send data to Michigan to get answer from our special Armstrong Engineering.

10/21/04 – TE and MB discussed having process add the summer boiler vent to the new venting scheme instead of floor connected.

10/20/04 – Three Original AIA 101 Process Construction Contract document and Original plus two copies of submitted contract documents, from Process, sent via UPS to Hamilton County Dept. of Facilities.

10/19/04 – Original Contract documents received from Process Construction.

10/14/04 – TE approved Change Order #2 and sent 4 copies to Brian Pastura for Triton signing and then onto Tony Matre. Also the insulator is making steady progress on finishing the rest of the boiler plant insulation work. Once complete TE will do final punchlist.

09/29/04 – Triton is starting on concrete work, Neary provided controls programming earlier this week and appear to have done a nice job, Mike Bartlett reported that a recent Justice Center steam spike of 7000# reduced JC pressure from 55 to 14psig but the CH plant went from 55 to 51psig thus the new regulating valve appears to have worked as the plant maintained nominal working conditions. TE to schedule their punchlist as soon as insulators, concrete and controls are complete by Triton.

09/24/04 – Tony approved bid for Process at $9680 for pumped condensate work. TE will write contract.

09/24/04 – Water hammer is occurring at the CR-2. Stoermer-Anderson and TE will have to study this scenario and advise the County as to what might be occurring and how to eliminate this effect. Theoretically with no “live steam” going to the receiver, we should not have steam hammer at this piece of equipment.

09/24/04 – Triton submitted the NO BID paperwork so the bid tab is correct. How should we proceed. Please advise.

09/23/04 – Triton updated TE on project status today. Concrete contractor should be done in the next couple of days. PCI should be onsite today starting insulation. Ed Makin will be back down to put the bypass around the city water to the CR-2 on Friday maybe.

09/23/04 – Bids are in for pumped condensate work. Process is low with $9680 bid. Bid Tab – PDF

09/13/04 – Triton has completed work inside the boiler room and removed all tools. Room has been cleaned in general. Outstanding items include: Controls work, final inspection, concrete work, lead/lag switch on CR-2, plumbers must fix softeners so that we can start boiler plant, air control regulator must be replaced, insulators must do their work, steel grating must be installed at entrance to CR-2 room.

09/08/04 – Inspectors questions flash tank drain going directly to floor drain. TE to coordinate in morning on 10th. Code states there must be an air gap of 1″. Existing condition did not have it installed that way. TE to resolve.

09/03/04 – SA instructed us to take the new 3″ pumped condensate into all 3 of the water inlets in the top of the tank. This is a changes from the design documents. Triton will have to submit a change order for this work.

09/02/04 – MB reported today that Triton installed the 3″ make-up from CR-2 to DA into a 3-inch opening without a spray head. After much discussion, it was decided that Triton has to install the piping such that the 3″ CR-2 feed must tie into (2) existing city water connections both using spray heads. The remaining opening can stay in place for an emergency city water feed control to the DA.

09/02/04 – TTC and MB decided that after the plant is complete, we will begin to run the plant at 65 psig just like it has always been designed to operator and therefore we won’t need the PRV’s installed at this time.

09/02/04 – Dorn contacted TE today. TE gave them a PO that will be reimbursed during subsequent invoice from TE to do work on moving sprinkler line on T&M basis in CH walk-in cooler.

09/02/04 – Mike Bartlett report that Spirax stated that strainers must go in front of the PRV valves. I checked with Todd and Gary and the HTX are rated for 125 lb service and they should be able to take the higher pressure in the boiler plant. I am recommending that instead of incurring more cost, we just return the valves and take the credit to the job to offset some other change order cost on blowdown lines.

09/01/04 – TE talked to Spirax engineers. Both PRV’s must be installed for HTX’s, flow meter can go in vertical, they will provide flow differentials based on varying steam pressure.

09/01/04 – Stoermer Anderson confirmed that summer boiler relief valve is already set at either 80 psig or 100 psig, so no additional work is required.

Triton Services will be back on site August 16 to begin finalizing the project work

CR-2 and DA piping will require a FULL plant shutdown scheduled for August 20th.

Summer boiler must be online independent of the main plant by August 20.

TE will coordinate with Stoermer Anderson for final Summer boiler startup details

Summer boiler will use treated city water during 3 week shutdown as work is completed.

TE and Triton to coordinate schedule with Mark Neary for new control sequences and SA for boiler work and equipment changeout and use.

County will provide an airline close to top of CR-2 so that project doesn’t incur additional change orders

Boiler plant work scheduled to be finished and back online by September 10, 2004.

Vendor: Triton Services | Date Issued: 08/23/04 | Date Answered: 08/23/04 Question: There are (2) 3″ inlet to the DA tank, can we remove the 2″x3″ bushings and run the pumped condensate directly into the DA tank. Response: The bushing and utilize one 3″ inlet for the 3″ pumped condensate from CR-2. Since all material are now steel, the existing dielectric flange for the brass fitting will not be required. Keep one of the existing connections in place and utilize the existing city water connection and controller as backup or emergency fill if ever needed.

Vendor: Triton Services | Date Issued: 08/23/04 | Date Answered: 08/23/04 Question: Triton asked TE to locate the circuit setters shown on the drawings. Response: TE advised Triton to NOT install the circuit setters shown on the drawings and save the money to use on the blowdown piping.

Vendor: Triton Services | Date Issued: 08/23/04 | Date Answered: 08/23/04 Question: Can 6-inch piping to steam regulator on catwalk be maintained in size. Response: TE and Triton met onsite to discuss field issues and many small items were resolved including the piping layout for the new back pressure regulator valve on the catwalk service the JC. 6 inch piping can feed the JC and increase to 8-inch immediately after the final isolation valve just like existing piping is installed. Existing Justice Center main will now be bypass. Per the contract documents Triton will replace regulator on wall with new equipment to operate bypass valve.

Vendor: Triton Services | Date Issued: 08/23/04 | Date Answered: 08/23/04 Question: How do the new control valves get place and installed on the project? Response: The new control valves for the CR-2 and DA-1 shall be installed per the direction of Stoermer Anderson. The existing city water feed to the DA can remain in place as on 3″ outlet can be used for the feed from the CR-2 unit and the other 3″ (bushing down to 2″) can remain as emergency feed to DA.

Vendor: Triton Services | Date Issued: 08/24/04 | Date Answered: 08/24/04 Question: The original separator location was in the Justice Center. Now the separator is being installed in the Courthouse. This is a change in the contracts. Please advise. Response: Brain, you are correct the original location was in the Justice Center but it was to be installed over 15ft high in the air requiring lifts and extra manpower to reach it and install it at the location shown on the drawings. All of this work is included in your base bid. It is my belief that the new location provides a significant reduction in manpower and installation time. Therefore I see no reason to incur additional cost to the project for this project change as we can just use that savings to apply it to the additional work to reroute the condensate line which should only include 2 90 degree elbows and their associated welds. The rest of the scope remains the same.

Vendor: Triton Services | Date Issued: 08/25/04 | Date Answered: 08/25/04 Question: There is one 3″ flange on top the DA that has significant pitting. Should this be replaced? Response: Please replace the flange at the weld neck. Make it suitable for the blind flange required in the construction documents.

Vendor: Triton Services | Date Issued: 08/25/04 | Date Answered: 08/25/04 Question: The separator has a 1-1/2″ outlet on it. The TE drawings show a 1″ outlet with a 3/4″ condensate drain. How should this be remedied? Response: Please route the condensate drain as 1″ to the condensate system.

Vendor: Triton Services | Date Issued: 08/26/04 | Date Answered: 08/26/04 Question: What pressures should the new flow meters be calibrated too? Response: Set the Courthouse flow meters to 65 psig and the Justice Center flow meters to 55 psig. Name them CH-FM3 and CH-FM4 and JC-FM1 and JC-FM2