05/04/06 – Tony called today because Geiler’s final payapps arrived unsigned by ThermalTech. TTC drove down picked them up, signed them, made copies and sent them back down to the County for payment. Geiler did not sign the copies so TTC just copied the original after he signed it. Once paid this project should be complete.

04/10/05 – Indrolect inspection at the Justice Center is finally complete and approved. We are now ready to finalize and archive this project.

02/17/06 – I don’t think the inspection will be next tuesday because indrolect just got to the bottom of Geiler’s permit applications. apparently geiler took out two permits even though they didn’t know it. the city doesn’t even have a copy of the jc one in their file but on the computer it says it was approved. ibi will accept the previous plans exam as valid for the work but now has to schedule another field trip to sign off on the jc wiring install. when ibi decides they can come out, indrolect will call us and let us know and I will call you and let you know.

02/114/06 – Dave Memory of IBI approved the CH install with TTC, MB and Don Ritter in attendance.

01/11/06 – Geiler and Indrolect have submitted for all permits. As soon as plans exam is finished, Indrolect will call for final inspection. Should be within a week or so.

01/01/06 – The job cannot be closed out because of permitting issues from the contractor. Indrolect and Geiler have been given the preconstruction meeting minutes where we state that permits are required on this project. TTC sent Geiler an email today saying that the additional $1024 in allowance money that is being paid to Geiler should be used to acquire all the permits on this job. TE will provide additional stamped sets of drawings as necessary for permits.

11/28/05 – TTC received all final paperwork and will deliver to Tony Matre on 11/30/05. This job is complete.

11/03/05 – Lisa Huber said that all paperwork has been sent to ThermalTech for this project. Certified Payroll will go directly to Tony after they get it on Friday.

11/01/05 – Finalized final billing strategy for final bill. Tony said they don’t have any certified payroll and they need final pay applications. TTC emailed everyone to let them know.

10/20/05 – Lisa from Geiler returned TTC’s phone calls about project closeout. TTC returned on 10/24 at 5:30 p.m.

10/18/05 – TTC emailed and faxed the change to Michelle Wells again in the hopes the final payapp will soon be processed.

10/14/05 – TTC contacted Geiler again for the correct final pay app. No work yet.

10/03/05 – Still no word back from Geiler on corrected pay application.

09/21/05 – We received the final pay application for this project as application #2 this time. This payapp is not right because of the change order amount is wrong versus the allowance. TTC contacted Geiler to advise them on how to fix it.

08/08/05 – TTC reviewed and will deliver the final paperwork to Tony on 08/09. We have not received a final pay request nor the signed punchlist. TTC emailed Barry Bowman to inquire about final pay application.

07/25/05 – TTC received in his mailbox the final paperwork.

07/18/05 – Contacted Barry Bowman about finalizing this project and sending all paperwork in.

06/10/05 – Relisted Punchlist PDF.

05/20/05 – After cleaning the system several times and removing large amounts of rust from the piping inlet to the separator and disassembling and reassembling the 4″ supply line to the separator, the team was finally able to start the separator and see significant flow at the cooling towers. The system when new provide 40 psig of gauge pressure at the outlet. TTC stated that with this much pressure and flow out of the nozzles that 2 towers could be scrubbed at once and the normal operation would be to run the separator with CT-1, 2 for a week then switch it to CT-3,4 for the next week. The punchlist will be sent but Geiler took care of issues at the site during startup. The strainer’s and filters should be changed a couple of times a day for the week or so. Monitor how much cleaning the SEP-1 unit provides and modify the cleaning schedule as needed.

05/17/05 – Startup for CH separator is scheduled for 05/20/05 at 8:30 a.m. with TE, Geiler and Trane.

05/16/05 – MB emailed today to say that all four CH cooling towers are online and ready for separator startup. TTC emailed the contractors and requested the dates. TTC approved application #01 for payment and us mailed to Tony Matre.

05/02/05 – Geiler promised that Bob or his associate would be at the JC today working on the punchlist items for the JC separator.

04/22/05 – TE contacted Geiler for a third time about completing punchlist work at JC. HS confirmed again that no punchlist work has been done. Geiler wants paid badly and keeps inquiring about payment and TE keeps pointing out deficiencies in payapp procedure. TTC believes that we have it resolved now. CH staff believes that their towers will be online next week for startup and testing.

02/11/05 – Punchlist distributed to Barry, Tony, Howard and Mike.

02/10/05 – Geiler asked to see the original meeting minutes where we told them to put a drain and valve into the Courthouse Separator system so it could be used in wintertime operation. TE to send out from original pre construction meeting.

02/01/05 – TE ready to punchlist these projects within one week. Punchlist is complete. TTC to distribute.

01/25/05 – Indrolect made the tie-in into the bus bar on the elevator equipment room yesterday without incident. We powered up the disconnect and then removed the fuses awaiting startup by Geiler. TE contacted Barry about status of project and if it was ready for punchlisting.

0/1/21/05 – No response to the previous day conversation. Followed-up with a fax to Geiler about Application #1.

01/20/05 – Pay Application #1 placed on hold. The Application was not signed or notarized and also did not include a completed, notarized, Affidavit of Original or Subcontractor. Michelle Wells contacted and told of the reason the pay application would be put on hold. She asked for a voice message to be left for Lisa explaining why the application is being put on hold (which was done).

12/03/04 – County approved Geiler change order allowance usage for redesign of PVC system for separator. $3976 will come out of the allowance on this job.

11/22/04 – TTC stopped at the Justice Center this morning and reviewed the existing piping layout with Joe Phillips, Howard Seal, Barry Bowman. What we are proposing to modify the design so that each tower can be isolated from the system and cleaned to prevent any of the “dirt” from the system from getting entrained into the condenser water supply to the chillers. Each separator could be piped separate with PVC and ran an determinant amount of time to clean the tower daily and then return to normal operation. TTC will provide a revised drawing to the Geiler company for this work today.

11/12/04 – TE contacted Geiler about completing the Courthouse and redesigning the Justice Center to meet actual design request. TE will follow up with Geiler.

11/04/04 – TE contacted Barry about field progress on this job.

10/20/04 – Geiler needs to install a drain and valve on CT-2,3,4 mains for winter draining. Install a drain on the main unit. Possibly relocate the existing control panel 90 degrees rotated to meet NEC requirements.

09/29/04 – CH CT 1 & 2 piping is complete. CT -3 & 4 and JC work to be scheduled in the upcoming weeks.

09/24/04 – Geiler estimates that the courthouse should be done is 1 – 1.1/2 weeks.

09/23/04 – TE emailed Geiler to inquire about project schedule update since progress is slow.

09/13/04 – Piping is being installed in Courthouse cooling tower #1. Looks good.

08/01/04 – Geiler asked how do they fit piping under fill? on 08/10/05, TE advised to decrease manifold size to 2″ and slide piping under existing fill. This will maintain integrity of cooling tower. TE provided a new highly detailed dwg of the tower piping for Geiler to use on all towers for this project.

Geiler has been onsite doing the work.

ThermalTech received written approval for sweeper design.

2″ pipes will be slid under existing fill.

Contract should be back on site soon.

Cliff Wingerter is on medical leave so all questions should be routed to Barry Bowmen.