05/15/17 – Hamilton County Facilities informs GBBN of pending approval for project. Facilities requests SOSS.
05/16/17 – GBBN contacts consultants about project and clarifies scope of work included.
05/19/17 – GBBN contacts former Law Librarian to discuss intents in 2016 verses any changes due to change in Librarian.
05/22/17 – GBBN performs site visitation and discussions with Lauren Morrison, new Librarian.
05/24/17 – GBBN and TEI visit site, Facilities to discuss existing drawings, and the Mechanical Space to the north of the existing Stack Area.
06/28/17 – GBBN, IPM, TEI and Facilities hold kick-off Meeting with Law Librarian for Kick-off Meeting.
07/05/17 – GBBN holds in-house discussion to finalize scope and design issues such as Alternate Bids.
07/19/17 – ThermalTech discussed scope change on project with GBBN. More work and revised SOSS required.
08/07/17 – Meeting with Facilities and Law Librarian to discuss additional scope. GBBN asked to author additional SOSS with separate F-number.
08/14/17 – GBBN authors SOSS, for extended scope, and delivers to Facilities.
08/21/17 – GBBN met with Paul Hauser, Facilities Trades to discuss plaster repair scope and material recommendations.
08/29/17 – GBBN sends background drawings and Title Block to TEI.
08/30/17 – GBBN and TEI met regarding MEP coordination issues. Money approved for this project yesterday.
08/31/17 – Discussed scope on project. BW said to include two RR for upgrade (could be alternate), access ramp, move computer door, update break room, expand conference room, update browsing area, investigate covered windows (check on this ), potentially add speaker and microphone if room is enlarged, up to TEI to choose VAV height for this unit.
09/12/17 – GBBN receives approved SOSS for extended scope of services.
09/15/17 – GBBN has internal meeting to discuss full scope now that second SOSS for extended services has been approved.
09/21/17 – GBBN forwards lighting cutsheets and specifications for proposed lighting fixture selections to TEI.
09/25/17 – ThermalTech HVAC schedule for internal review tomorrow on this project. The basic load calcs are complete. TTC to follow up on plumbing and fire protection design.
10/17/17 – GBBN and Facilities meet with Law Librarian for Design Progress Meeting. Final Sketch-Up model forwarded to Librarian for her use in presenting to the Board, and ThermalTech for use in coordination. New window units for the State of Ohio Room will be designated as an Alternate Bid.
10/27/17 – Law Librarian forwarded information concerning the microfiche cabinet size and numbers.
11/09/17 – GBBN internal coordination meeting. Microfiche locations coordinated and power/data routing proposed to TEI.
11/10/17 – GBBN and TEI meet with Leesman Lighting to discuss light fixture selections and specifications.
11/16/17 – Law Library Design Review Meeting at Courthouse. Microfiche layouts coordinated.
11/30/17 – Final Review set due Dec 14 with Owner and Tenant.
03/14/18 – Prebid meeting held for this project at the Courthouse. It was well attended.
03/24/18 – Addendums 1-3 issued for this project. TEI relocated the Ohio Room diffusers for a cleaner install and verified the two ladder locations will work for this job.
03/28/18 – Bid Opening held at CAB, Room #507.  Bids received were in excess of the 10% above Published Estimate and therefore rejected as mandated by Ohio Revised Code.  Facilities to consider next step for reissuing for bidding.

04/25/18 – ThermalTech has started modifying the existing drawings for the new value engineered bid documents.