Partner Lead: GBBN

01/21/16 – Facilities calls GBBN to set up kick-off meeting to discuss project scope. Meeting day, time and location set.

01/25/16 – GBBN met with Mary Jenkins and Bert Watts to review scope and visit spaces to be renovated.

02/22/16 – GBBN delivers SOSS to Facilities.

03/03/16 – GBBN receives approved SOSS and Purchase Order.

03/03/16 – Discussions between GBBN and Facilities to finalize details on MEP issues and sink locations.

03/04/16 – GBBN begins BIM modeling of existing spaces.

03/15/16 – GBBN meets with Interior Project Management to discuss finishes, furniture and interior design concepts.

03/30/16 – GBBN, Facilities and the Law Library staff met to discuss and review the renderings and fly-by video. A CD was left with the staff containing the video and rendering views. Minor revisions to one rendering view are requested. GBBN to send updated rendering view and Floor Plan with View Indicators via email to client.

04/07/16 – GBBN sends final revised renderings, Opinions of Probable Cost and Floor Plan with Rendering Views to Mary Jenkins.

04/08/16 – Facilities inquires about potential construction cost savings for large overall project estimate verses individual. GBBN and TEI confirm overall project would save on mobilization, general conditions costs, design fees and Archibus automatic percentage costs.

04/11/16 – GBBN transmits same potential cost saving information mentioned above to Mary Jenkins upon her request.

05/20/16 – GBBN receives request from Law Library to resend last invoice due to premature closing of original purchase order.

05/23/16 – Law Librarian indicates to GBBN that Board received designs for new renovations well and is considering moving forward.

06/30/16 – submitted as a 2017 project request.