Partner Lead: THP

06/11/15 – County requested SOSS.

06/13/15 – THP and County visited the roof.

06/25/24 – THP anticipates issuing the SOSS.

07/17/15 – County Facilities, THP, TTE and Chambers Control met to discuss phasing the project and completing the work.

07/30/15 – Due to the different scope of work, THP split Court House roof project into Roof 10 (repair/replacement) and Roof T (warranty extension) for tracking purposes.

08/01/15 – THP anticipates issuing an SOSS to the County.

08/03/15 – THP issued SOSS to County.

08/07/15 – County approved SOSS.

08/26/15 – Project update: THP developing design documents.

09/24/15 – Project update: THP developing design documents.

10/29/15 – THP completed roof scan, roof cuts and field measurement. Design development documents anticipated to be released 11/2/15.

12/09/15 – THP working on bid documents with update roof configuration from field findings.

01/28/16 – THP working on bid documents

02/25/16 – THP confirmed plumbing routing and delivered update plumbing drawings for review by the County.

03/21/16 – Prebid meeting conducted.

03/28/16 – Addendum no.1 issued.

03/31/16 – Last day for contractors to submit questions.

04/04/16 – Last addendum will be issued.

04/12/16 – Two bids were submitted with both Contractors within the project budget. Imbus Roofing was the apparent low bidder.

04/13/16 – THP completed a cursory reviewed of Imbus’ bid and recommend the County accept all alternates.

04/14/16 – THP issued draft AIA contract for County review.

05/20/16 – County issued PO and Contract to Imbus Roofing.

05/26/16 – Imbus working through background checks and project planning.

07/22/16 – THP contacted Imbus regarding submittals. Ed with Imbus stated he would gather submittals and send to THP.

08/05/16 – Preconstruction meeting completed.

08/25/16 – Imbus in the process of mobilizing.

09/28/16 – Imbus has roof 10 completely removed and the temporary roof installed. Have had some leakage issues, but otherwise turning water. THP provided pipe post support detail to Imbus for pricing. Imbus initially submitted $524 per pipe and revised to $400 per pipe installed. County authorized to proceed with fabrication and installation. Imbus started tear-off and temporary roof installation last night on roof 6. American Façade plans to begin sealant work on cornice adjacent to roof 10 and along north and south walls of law library tomorrow. Imbus and THP meeting tomorrow to review pipe penetration near RTU in southwest corner of roof 10.

01/26/17 – Project update: Roof 10 – complete , Roof 6 – complete except downspout installation, Roof 5 – last phase of layup this week. Flashings, cap flashings, and terminations still to do. Stainless steel trough at Roof 10, painting roof hatch at Roof 5, and HVAC duct replacement at Roof 5 still left as well. Change order for securing electric lines on outside of parapet at Roof 5 being developed. This work is outside our scope, but Imbus subcontractor has provided cost for work. Imbus plans to turn parking in courtyard back to county this week. Hoist and scaffolding was to come down over the weekend. Bert asked THP to look at stained glass windows and protection from winter ice or snow.

02/22/17 – Roof 5, 6, and 10 generally installed. Imbus working on final detailing and flashing conditions

03/23/17 – Project update: Roof membrane installation complete. Imbus has several items to finish prior to reaching substantial completion.

03/23/17 Roof 6 and 10 need punch list developed.

03/23/17 Roof 5 has the following efforts to complete: Reconnect HVAC units, including running new conduit/power on parapet wall. Duct work (elbows) need replaced. Terminations and flashings need to be complete below the duct work. New posts need to be cleaned and painted. New posts need sealant to prevent water from being harbored on top of the cap plate. Prepare and paint the roof hatch. Repair junction boxes. Complete the termination of roof membrane at stained glass window. Repair the CMU block at steel stair landing tie-in at wall. Finish target at roof drain on north side of Roof 5. Fix the walk mats that are not lying flat. Change order work – replace displaced electrical conduits. Finish counterflashing installation.

04/27/17 – Imbus finalizing punch list. Work anticipated to be finished week of May 1st.

05/18/17 – THP issued final punch list.

05/25/17 –  Imbus working on punch list.

07/26/17 – THP to complete review of final punch list.

08/28/17 – Final punch list repairs were reported to be completed Friday 8/25. THP to complete final review 8/31.

09/27/17 – THP to complete final review of final punch list.

10/20/17 – THP publish updated punch list.

10/24/17 – Imbus and County walked the roof to review the punch list.

11/30/17- Imbus completed all punch list items.  County is waiting on final prevailing wage from contractor.