04/02/18 – Facilities notifies GBBN that Municipal Courts has approved the project, estimated with Project Request #1949, for submission of an SOSS, to be performed by Trades. SOSS to cover the scope of the Project Request #1949.  GBBN solicits input from TEI.  Facilities confirms Trades to handle project including systems furniture scope.
04/03/18 – TEI sends input for SOSS to GBBN.
04/04/18 – SOSS issued to Facilities.
05/29/18 – TTC and SJ discussed starting this project after the JC Recovery is finished. The SOSS is in place for our firms. GBBN will develop the floor plan and TEI will star the load calcs and preliminary work right after the floor plans are ready.
04/03/18 – TEI sends SOSS input to GBBN.
04/03/18 – GBBN submits SOSS to Facilities.
05/10/18 – GBBN receives approved SOSS and Purchase Order from Facilities.
06/26/18 – TEI and GBBN discussed schedule for this project to be completed the first couple of weeks of July 2018. TTC, Coty and Barth scheduled to work on this project.
07/25/18 – GBBN has construction document set started.  GBBN questions were answered from Facilities to keep documents moving ahead. TTE checking load and ventilation calcs.
08/20/18 – TEI confirms that no fire protection modifications are required from the existing layout and configuration.
08/28/18 – Facilities requests three minor revisions to Owner Review set of documents after review by Municipal Court Administrator.
08/29/18 – TEI and GBBN have submitted final drawings for Owner Review.  Facilities confirms only one small revision, of adding data wall mounted outlet for future printer/copier, is required before issuance for Permit.  GBBN and TEI agreed upon 09/04/18- Issuance for Permit date in issue block.
09/05/18 – GBBN and TEI submit Applications for Building and Mechanical Permits to the City of Cincinnati.
09/26/18 – TEI receives code comments and re-submits drawings to IBI.
10/03/18 – GBBN receives letter from the City of Cincinnati requesting additional information for permitting.  This information is far in excess of any required by the City for comparable projects since GBBN has been doing Facilities projects.
10/17/18 – GBBN requests proposal from The Preview Group to provide part of the information requested by the City mentioned above.
12/21/18 – GBBN submits City of Cincinnati Permit Response Letter.
01/07/19 – GBBN pays for and obtains Building Permit from City of Cincinnati. Facilities agrees reimbursable expense to be billed to General Services SOSS.
01/29/19 – ThermalTech obtained the permit and delivered to John Nester for trades to do the work.
02/26/19 – Work is in progress with the county trades.  As of 2/15/19, there was no electrical roughed in to date.  Wall framing was nearing completion.  TEI tells John Nester to let us know when the trades are ready for a rough in inspection with IBI and TEI will schedule the inspection.
03/08/19 – GBBN performs site visit with Facilites. Inspector questioned location of two sprinkler heads. TEI responds to question with data input in email to Facilities.
03/26/19 – Work continues to progress in area.  Electrical rough in inspection was passed and work continues in space.  Trades (JN) to notify TEI when to call for final on the project.
04/24/19 – HamCo to notify TEI when to call IBI for final on the project.
05/29/19 – TEI was notified to contact IBI for final electrical inspection.  IBI scheduled for final inspection on 5/31.
06/26/19 – Project final IBI approval received.  on 06/25/19, while on site for a different project, the rooms were being moved into the space.
06/27/19 – Project is complete. Ready to archive. Partners can send in CAFM updates.