Partner Lead: ThermalTech

08/12/15 – Bert sent approved SOSS to ThermalTech to update the Archibus cost estimate for this project.

08/16/15 – ThermalTech transferred all three old estimates into one new estimate in Archibus for partners to start working on.

08/21/15 – GBBN coordinated new scope with Bert and ThermalTech for estimate phase of project.

08/24/15 – GBBN completed GC estimate in Archibus. ThermalTech completed Fire Protection estimate in Archibus. GBBN sent updated floor plans to ThermalTech with new door locations and walls to update estimate.

08/25/15 – ThermalTech updated part of the HVAC estimate and finished the plumbing estimate n Archibus.

09/24/15 – ThermalTech meeting with Facilities and CMS on Friday to discuss scope and estimates.

10/14/15 – Previous survey data shared with team. ThermalTech to update report and give to Bert for review.

12/08/15 – ThermalTech has started editing the revised copy of the report. Still waiting on return data from Owner, will follow up with Bert on what to do next. We discussed updating the report and floor plans. Revisit the equipment required, floor plan, cooling units, ups systems and structure.

01/25/16 – ThermalTech will finish this report in the first quarter of 2016.

03/09/16 – Bert provided server room worksheets for ThermalTech to begin working on new server room report.

03/29/16 – Bert provided a Duke Rebate for Server room idea for ThermalTech to investigate.

03/30/16 – TTC tabulated the new data sheets and shared them with Bert. New load is about 40 tons maximum including 25% future growth. We are going to verify server counts from other departments. [PDF]

05/18/16 – Bert to schedule a meeting to discuss funding on this project. Design will begin later this year.

06/27/16 – TTC check a minor change to the load calc sheet based on a formula he updated in the JC Server Room project. TTC and Bert discussed adding data rack and cabling cost to estimate #1827. County is discussing funding availability for this project. Cost are in put and updated.

07/15/16 – TTC schedule design time in third quarter 2016. All cabling and additional charges are in the Archibus estimate except possibly a core switch.

07/27/16 – Archibus estimate updated to include racks, fiber installation, and core switches. Facilities sends Municipal Court Courtroom suggested modifications for adding new offices. Facilities requests Archibus estimate to be updated to include these suggested changes. GBBN to update this final piece of work. We will look at room after partner meeting Thursday.

08/25/16 – Cost estimates updated with additional offices.

09/28/16 – No current updates. All information is into the Archibus system and we are on hold.

10/27/16 – Roof 10 being laid up with new roof membrane. Approximately 75% complete.

10/27/16 – Roof 10 change order work includes new steel posts beneath steel stair to provide bearing to structural roof. Also getting price to truncate four 2″-3″ diameter pipes abandon atop roof slab from old RTU. truncating pipes below structural slab to remove additional curbs/saddles from new roof.

10/27/16 – Roof 6 existing roofing system demolished and temporary roof membrane installed. Contractor may start work laying up new roof as early as next week.

10/27/16 – Subcontractor completed sealant work at terra cotta water table adjacent to Roof 10.

10/27/16 – Subcontractor preparing quote for additional 200 linear feet of sealant work at cracked terra cotta. Pieces adjacent to Roof 10. Work needs to mitigate water intrusion behind new roof membrane.

12/29/16 – Awaiting direction from Owner on this and related projects.

02/22/17 – Awaiting direction from Owner on this and related projects.