06/25/17 – Hamilton County requested SOSS for a consolidated server room on the second floor of the Courthouse.
06/30/17 – THP – TEI notified THP will be needed for a new Courthouse server room.
07/27/17 – Team going to meet and discuss revised scope in the next couple of weeks for brainstorming kickoff meeting.
08/31/17 – Partners meeting to kickoff scope and design meeting for this project at Courthouse.
08/31/17 – THP – Hamilton County defined server room requirements for SOSS.
09/14/17 – THP met with Terracon to assist with SOSS.
09/18/17 – GBBN begins field verification and Project Request Estimate research.
09/20/17 – GBBN researches Abatement Report from Pinnacle Engineering related to this project and distributes information to Design Team.
09/20/17 – THP published proposal to TEI and provided Terracon proposal.
09/22/17 – GBBN completes base electronic drawing file composition to verify scope and extent of work.
09/22/17 – THP published updated proposal to TEI.
09/25/17 – ThermalTech mailed a full copy of the revised SOSS for Schematic and Budget estimates to Facilities this week.
10/24/17 – SOSS still in approval stages. Team regular discusses status of project and we are working on verifying existing background data for this space. ThermalTech has briefly discussed the QC process internally and have assigned two owners and department heads to review the project given its high visibility.
11/28/17 – We held our first SD design meeting today with the client. New worksheet and equipment request need to be sent out for work and the preliminary project schedule created with the partners for this project. GBBN sent out proposed office layout for 263. If asked we are hoping to use only two parking spots only.
01/20/18 – Terracon and ThermalTech were on site for the first round of soil boring test and underground detective. Underground locations went fine and were marked by the company. A follow up report and drawing is forthcoming. Data found matched up with the drawing provided by the owner. However existing condensing units were too close to one of the AC units so it was relocated. The drill team had concerns about snow hanging off ledge above and with the weather so the drilling was postponed to February 24.
02/22/18 – ThermalTech release the first meeting notes from the design meeting along with progress to date on the schedule. Terracon will be back on Saturday to drill the soil bore test pit. We are also are going to need two test pits to determine the construction and shape of the footers around the courtyard for the design of the future platform. Terry scheduled to meet Kirby after partner meeting on Thursday.
02/24/18 – THP: Terracon rescheduled for test boring. Only 1 boring will be done due to small site and existing equipment. (2) Boring were not required, but cost was minimal for backup boring. Terracon to schedule (2) test pits to gather soil conditions information.
02/26/18 – Underground utility report release to the project team by Terracon. TEI forward to owner.-
03/06/18 – Test bore results are release to the project team. TEI sent to owner and THP.
03/16/18 – Revised SOSS for additional services for GBBN and Terracon sent to County for approval.
03/24/18 – TEI to meet with GBBN on new room configuration next week.
03/28/18 – THP: County has approved Terracon to do test pits. THP on hold waiting on soil/existing condition information to design foundation and platform. Column location will be determined partially by foundation system.
03/29/18 – THP waiting on the test pits to start design. Team discussed location of Egen on this project and TEI to adjust the schedule for new design issues.
04/21/18 – TEI, THP and Terracon on site for two test pits. Pits were dug and completed on Saturday. Updates and photos sent to County on Monday. GBBN updated the site plan with the footers found on site. ThermalTech started working on new site plans and will have a conference call setup for the partners to discuss or findings and platform designs.
04/23/18 – THP – Terracon completed test pits in the Courtyard. Footing depths of the west and south walls were discovered to be at different levels.  TEI started working on new site plans.
04/25/18 – Archibus number was enabled for editing again by the partner team.  ThermalTech sent existing cost and sketches to everyone prior to editing.
04/26/18 – Bert said to get the worksheet for loads updated first and then TEI to select a week to meet with CAGIS and update new inventories. TEI needs to show some hard copy progress for Bert to review. THP, GBBN, and TEI to work with Terracon for platform design.
05/17/18 – TEI contacts CMSnet to discuss data rack sizes and loading.
05/18/18 – TEI and THP discuss and share design concepts on the platform for this project. TTC and SJ send column locations to Ken for discussion. I believe we are leaning towards spread footers on this project.
05/25/18 – TTC creates Option #2 layout for incorporating the JC data center servers into the Courthouse and stumbles on what may be a better location for the CH Data Room with or without the additional servers. TEI discussed benefits with GBBN on new location.
05/29/18 – Relocating the JC Sheriff data center to the CH was explored by TEI and an email summary sent to BW for use on the JC Recovery Four Pod scenario. TEI completes estimate for relocation and sends to Facilities at $184,000 to relocate 7 racks to CH Server Room build-out. CRAC units change in size to 50 tons each and require four condensing units instead of two, UPS, generator and the platform all must get larger.
06/25/18 – TEI has developed two platform designs for 30T and 40T condensing units. We have laid out all the servers in the new racks giving at least one rack to each department, this will need to be coordinated with departments. We have contacted CMS to see the server rooms with the technicians and confirm the CMSnet racks on Wednesday at 9am. Terracon final soils report is forthcoming.
06/29/18 – THP – Terracon published soils report.
07/26/18 – THP and ThermalTech working through design development issues of platforms. In the past month TTE has collected server information from CMSnet and contacted all other departments for final server loads. A preliminary layout was completed after the CMSnet survey and found that 21 Racks are sufficient for the new design. Facilities has reached out to other County departments for additional tenants that may want to be move over prior to the final cooling and electric load worksheets are complete. Sizing for the cooling units leaning towards 30 ton units. Fuel oil routing SD drawing, Admin 9th Floor and Roof SD drawings being drafted by TTE for Archibus update. We will update the original #1827 project number. TTE meeting with JII fire today for an updated vendor quote on the Fire Suppression work on Admin 9th floor at 11:30am. A lot of work going into wrapping up the SD design and cost estimate phase currently.
08/03/18 – GBBN confirms CAB-9th Floor Computer Room Abatement (ACM) scope with Pinnacle Engineering.
08/07/15 – Facilities answers final SD questions on scope to design team.
08/09/18 – Design Team wraps up Schematic Design Phase with updates to Archibus Project Request Estimate.
8/15/18 – Facilities confirms the displacement of the four workstations and blade walls in the east CMS area off the entry.  GBBN makes the corrections to base drawings and distributes to TEI.
08/23/18 – Bert met with CMSnet and Department Heads at monthly meeting and reviewed the SD plan with the latest information.
08/29/18 – Met with CMSnet twice this month and updated drawings and final calculations.  Only a couple of department still remain for verification.  We will attend next PM meeting with CMSnet for presentation.
09/20/18 – The basic revised estimating is complete minus coordination on some of the final bidding number and cost for new scope items.  Comments from CMS and Owner welcomed for final adjustments.  One thing TTC noticed was that the design fees on the new estimate can be reduced to TEI.  ThermalTech request additional funds to completed next phases of project including Construction Design Documents and Bidding.  TEI collecting SOSS’s for next phase from partners for submission.
10/15/18 – ThermalTech has submitted the Construction Design and Bidding SOSS for all partners for the next phase of this project.
10/22/18 – Bert sent an updated Probate court inventory worksheet for ThermalTech to use.  TTC to incorporate next week.
11/28/18 – TEI, THP and GBBN met at GBBN offices and reviewed the SD phase scope, cost estimate and schedule. We finalized the scope and schedule between the partners, assigned drawing responsibilities, and requested a setup meeting with Bert to discuss details on the structure. We will put some preliminary dwgs together and meet on Dec 11 at 9am.
12/20/18 – TEI, THP and GBBN hold design team meeting to discuss scheduling and deliverables.
12/28/18 – TEI and GBBN perform above ceiling MEP field verification. Photos taken.
01/10/19 – GBBN sent updated floor plan for the server room and Room 263 today for ThermalTech to use in design. ThermalTech is marking up new plans for design with latest changes.
1/11/19- GBBN meets with door hardware consultant to discuss door hardware and specifications for this project.
01/22/19 – TEI has setup all new drawings for hvac, elec, plumbing and fire to the new floor plans and started designing in earnest to the new designs. THP turned in four drawings for the new drawing package and will try to have draft dwgs ready later next week. GBBN has the floor plan complete and is updating the Life Safety drawing for our use on this project. TTC contacted the city about the use of water in this space and requested a face to face meeting. We will advise what we find.
01/31/19 – TEI to setup fiber meeting with telecom, cms, and facilities for new fiber connection with CBS.
02/25/19 – GBBN visits Rooom #263 with Facilities to review and measure ceilign and bulkhead heights. Existing ceiling and new SAT ceilings scope coordinated iwth TEI and Facilities.
02/28/19 – TEI/THP and GBBN to meet for coordination review of each firm’s drawings. Electronic drawing files sent to TEI in advance.
02/28/19 – Bert and Terry met with CMSnet and Dept Heads and presented a 75% complete working set of review drawings for the group. We discussed scheduled and Const on the project and they city specifically inquired about the crossover fiber between the Admin and CH to which TEI answered that we will be working on putting in a parallel redundant fiber to make sure that connections stays live.
03/07/19 – Design Meeting held. TEI produces Agenda and proposed Project Schedule.
03/15/19 – GBBN sends drawing updates to TEI for Owner Review.
03/22/19 – TEI sends list of changes required to documents and requests input on Construction Sequencing.
03/27/19 – TEI and Bert met with the Steering Committee to review the current drawings, scope, phasing, cost, and schedule for the project. Drawing were issued for review along with the schedule. We are shooting for bidding in end of April.
03/29/19 – TEI sends email with additional requested changes to design and documents. Construction material delivery logistics are discussed.
04/01/19 – TEI sends requiest for Server Room duct opening patching scope.
04/09/19 – TEI sends documentation discussing pros and cons of changing sizes of the Liebert Units to be used on the project.
04/15/19 – GBBN recieves Door Hardware Consultant Hardware Set documentation from vendor.
04/17/19 – Meeting with Telecomm, TEI send meeting notes out for review.
04/23/19 – TEI indicates all three existing window openings, in the Server Room permiter, are to be infilled iwth new louvers for consistency. Future Liebert Unit replacement will not be done through the existing window openings. GBBN revised background drawings accordningly and relocates new double door relative to resized Liebert Units and locations.
04/25/19 – Four Liebert configuration has been incorporated into the floor plans, the doors have been shifted to accommodate the additional CRAC unit, THP provided revised platform drawings with new ladder layout and hinged cover information (TEI reviewing now), THP finalizing load study with four units (TEI provided new weights with only refrigerant). We need to set final scheduled for review drawings and bidding with the County.
05/27/19 – Telcomm meetings have been held, we are working on final details for the project design. final answers and comments due back from County on June 10 with the intent of bidding this project late June or early July.
06/27/19 – Final design is almost complete. We are planning on issuing final design review drawings end of day on 6/28. TTC revised the schedule to distribute at the Steering Committee meeting on 6/27 with new completion date of April 2021. Cost estimate is partially updated with the hopes of completing updating by end of day Friday. Project should be bid in July and August 2019.
07/25/19 – Final design is complete. ThermalTech dropping off a revised set of final review documents today at the Partner meeting including all specifications for the project. Pricing effort, review and update underway to find a cost that matches the scope and is within budget. We are trying to bid this project as soon as possible.
08/15/19 – GBBN sends SOSS data, for Construction Administration services, to TEI for inclusion into the SOSS, to be submitted to Facilities.
08/16/19 – GBBN receives email from TEI concerning new listing of Alternate Bids for documentation on Construction Documents. GBBN updates CD’s to reflect CAB 9th Floor Computer Room scope of work, to now be listed as Alternate Bid G-1.
08/28/19 – The budget and dates have been finalized with Facilities and Purchasing. We will have this project ready for bidding by 9/4 with the revised budget. The Admin building has been moved to an Alternate and TEI renumbered the Alternates and combined a few of them to make the project easier to understand and bid for the vendors. Final drawings and specifications are being reviewed and prepared for the Issued for Bid data listed above. All partners have agreed to the date of Issuance for this project.
09/20/19 – The prebid meeting was held and well attended by GC, MC, EC and FPC alike. TTE will prepare Addendum #1 and issue from the prebid meeting discussions.
09/25/19 – Addendum 1 Issued.
10/03/19 – Addendum 2 Issued.
10/17/19 – Addendum 3 Issued.
10/23/19 – Addendum 4 Issued.
10/24/19 – GBBN creates Addenda #5 revised scale drawing for issuance.
10/25/19 – Addendum 5 Issued.
10/28/19 – Addendum 6 Issued.
10/30/19 – County Issues Addendum 7 and extends the Bid Opening to November 12, 2019. ThermalTech working on additional items for concrete, hot aisle design, plumbing drain pan submitted by contractors.
12/11/19 – The bids have been opened last month and we received three qualified bids. ThermalTech has met with the apparent low bidder, Graybach, and found them to be responsive to the bid. The recommendation for approval was emailed to Bert and the County has started preparing the contracts and moving forward with the project. TTC and BW have a meeting scheduled with the Steering Committee later today for an update.
12/12/19 – Prosecutor has approved the contract for this job and it has been sent to Graybach for approval.
01/24/20 – Graybach contract has been approved by the BOCC, PO was received by Facilities. BW emailed TTC to release the bidders on the submittal process. Paperwork is forthcoming.
01/27/20 – ThermalTech contacted Graybach with approval information and asked them to start the submittals, Schedule of Values and Project Schedule for this job. We would also like to setup the Pre-Const meeting with the Contractors. TTC Create Project Team distribution group and additional people have been invited to Procore site for management of this job.
02/18/20 – GBBN returns approved submittals for Doors, Frames and Door Hardware.
02/20/20 – TTC and BW met with CMSNet project managers and provided a project updated stating that construction should begin in late March or early April on this project.
02/24/20 – Three submittals have been sent to the design so far. 1) Structural was rejected due to a Missouri not Ohio stamp, 2) Doors and Hardware was reviewed by GBBN, TTC to forward back to Graybach, and 3) HVAC submittals #1, TTE reviewed and will send back to Graybach on 2/22 of their use. Geiler used Liebert for this project which is the basis of design.
03/04/20 – TEI distributes update on Project Progress status.
03/11/20 – GBBN receives a copy of the Plan Review Response letter with indications of scope for each design team.
03/24/20 – Submittals and Permitting are working their way through the process. The County shared some data about access to the site and the building for the contractor that may impeded access to the building for the original start time. Graybach asked about background check progress which was provided yesterday to Graybach. We are working on new details for the Kohler generator submitted by DK and this week we have confirmed the generator is smaller, the same weight and almost the same size belly tank. We have a meeting tomorrow with Graybach and DK to discuss final details before we review the submittal again.
04/30/20 – Background checks not complete yet, County checking on LEADS checks during Covid. ThermalTech received Hot Aisle Containment, Lighting and Generator this month. We are waiting on resubmittals for the structural steel and gratings for the clarifications we provided last month to the vnedors for updating the submittals. We are waiting on the final schedule and Schedule of VAlues for this job for approvals. Graybach submitted a not cost not time extension change order noting the delays at the beginning of this work so far due to Covid.
05/25/20 – ThermalTech and GBBN finalizing permit response drawings and remarks for 5/29/20. Graybach working on project schedule based on background check protocols. County working on LEAD background check procedures. Hot aisle containment submittal retuned Furnish As Corrected, Lighting submittal returned Revise & Resubmit, Structural submittals are waiting on resubmittal, and Generator re-submittal returned as Approved as Noted.
06/17/20 – The Permit Response letter and drawings has been submitted to the city for consideration and approval. This was a large package that required a 100% digital submission for the city this year.
06/24/20 – Lighting submittals were updated twice and returned to DK in their final approved form on 6/19. Structural submittals are awaiting stamp updates before THP takes another crack at that and TEI owes JCI a return on the Clean Agent Fire Suppression submittal. The SOV has been sent to the County for approval. Background checks were revisited and potentially could be 8 weeks out for approvals. Graybach is working on the revised schedule for an Aug 1, 2020 start date.
07/23/20 – Clean Agent submittals have been reviewed and returned to JCI. We also inquired about the wet sprinkler system submittals which were not included. JCI said they have to get another guy in the company to finish them but they are underway. TTE checked on coordination drawings status and permit status from the Partners.
07/29/20 – GBBN and THP have resubmitted permit responses to ThermalTech today. TTE will get the new upload link for the city and complete the resubmission process. Graybach wondering about background check status and updates.
08/19/20 – City contacted TTC with news the permit is approved and some special instructions on the door hardware set control that has to be installed. TTC followed up with Barth and Johnson on that requirement and I think what we have will be fine. Rycca and Bert shared additional background checks information with Graybach and inquired about getting the safety plan in place too.
08/20/20 – Permit is Approved (1000 MAIN – 2020P01574). There is a balance left on the permit that we forwarded to Graybach so they have the information to get the permit in place when the project restarts. We checked on the status of the SOV, Project Schedule, Wet Sprinkler submittal Drawings, Coordination Drawings, and first Payapp with Graybach.
08/26/20 – Graybach asked for SOV comments for this project. After checking old emails it was found that Graybach requested that TEI collect all the SOV comments and submit them in one block. TTE to follow up on today. County provided SOV updates immediately. TTC will get them out to Graybach today.
09/18/20 – This month the FPC came down for fieldwork in the space. New Clean Agent drawings were resubmitted for approval and FPC RFI was sent in on atrium ceiling access.
10/28/20 – This month the LEADS checks go one step closer to being ready. Rycca reached out and started coordinating background checks with Graybach. The wet fire sprinkler submittals arrived for review yesterday. TTC updates Spencer and Ken on CH Server Room progress.
12/10/20 – TTC reached out to Graybach at the end of November to follow up on Structural submittals for this project as we have not heard anything new. DK has UPS equipment in town for this job. TEI instructed them to work billing through Graybach if funds are needed to be paid. Graybach working on background checks and a revised project schedule for Jan 2021 start times. County says a large number of LEAD checks are approved, we must be started by Feb 1, 2021.
12/30/20 – TTC reached out to Graybach for updated schedule, final submittals and Pre Const #2 schedule.