02/20/20 – Hamilton County requested SOSS to address City Bridge Report.
03/16/20 – THP and Hamilton County met to discuss scope of work.
04/21/20 – THP published SOSS with contractor support to assess the two bridges and attach loose metal panel.
06/25/20 – Project is approved. BC will get paperwork over to THP this week.
07/06/20 – THP proposed an inspection plan for mid-July. Bridges were noted to be still wrapped in signage that is planned to be removed this summer. Inspection placed on hold until sign is removed. Inspection tentatively planned for fall of 2020.
10/23/20 – Wrap removed and THP cleared to complete the work.
10/28/20 – THP scheduled to complete work November 3.
11/06/20 – Skywalk bridge ground survey completed.
11/07/20 – Skywalk aerial platform survey completed.
12/10/20 – THP draft report in progress, anticipated completion Friday December 18th.