Partner Lead: TEI

10/21/13 – Fieldwork started for vestibule heaters.

10/31/13 – Review drawings supposed to be delivered to County.

01/30/14 – Tony informed TEI to award just Alternate 1 to Debra. DK sent submittal for approval today. TEI working on contract for DK.

02/25/14 – Matre advised ThermalTech to hold on reviewing submittal until contract was approved. No word on contract details yet.

03/18/14 – Tony, Terry and Dave Gleason discussion moving forward with this project. The contract is at the Prosecutors office for approval, Tony has the option of taking out just a PO to do this work, TTC thought either would be fine for this work.

04/24/14 – Debra has received PO from Tony. TEI to review submittals and get project started with pre-const mtg.

05/28/14 – Submittals received on new equipment.

06/24/14 – Tony says project is a go. TTC to start submittal review for Debra.

07/07/14 – TTC is reviewing the submittal for the center vestibule now.

08/15/14 – Submittal looks good. TTC has to get DK to order the equipment.

09/26/14 – Equipment ordered. Color selection made by Tony, forwarded to DK by TTC. Install schedule in Nov/Dec.

12/09/14 – Debra is on site to install the new vestibule door heater.

12/10/14 – Debra called with an installation question on mounting and heights of the heater. TTC met DK and Tony on site for resolution. The heater will be surface mounted to a new panel DK is providing that matches the existing size of the opening from the old heater. At 7-3/4″ deep this leaves about 16-18″ above people heads when they come through the center vestibule door at the Courthouse. ThermalTech spec’ed this unit with variable outlet temperature and airflow to balance in the field to a flow and temp the owner is comfortable with. The new panel and mounting will be color coded to match but it is a slightly different color then the bronze vestibule metal. DK to come back 12/11/14 to install.

12/11/14 – Debra was called away on an emergency service called. Gleason stated they will be back Friday to install. Electricians to arrive on Monday to pull the additional feeder required for the 3Ph service of the new new heater. The new heater is also much lighter than the old heater, but DK will still provide unistrut support bars across the top of the vestibule to span the weight across on the wall not just the mullions.

01/06/15 – Vestibule heater is installed and working. TTC delivered field report to Tony and Ken about heat output and conditions in lobby. The heater is not on full yet and the lobby is still cold in the dead of winter at the guard shack stand. The new heater does heat up the vestibule in 30 seconds however when the doors are closed.

02/24/15 – Project is complete. Punchlist was issued and TTE confirmed with Ken the heater is on full and working. Ready to archive.