08/08/05 – Final Pay Application was received. Allowance was straightened out. Ginter will keep $1000 allowance and pay DK $680 for additional programming work at the site to set the condenser water temperature to a constant number.

07/18/05 – O&M’s arrived to from Ginter Electric. TE will deliver to County offices on Tuesday by hand delivery.

07/06/05 – TTC delivered final paperwork and O&M’s to the County today. They were hand delivered to Martin.

06/29/05 – Ginter delivered the O&M’s to ThermalTech today. TE will give to the County.

06/16/05 – MB reported that the new cooling tower sequence is still maintaining a very stable condenser water setpoint. All parties are very happy at this time. TE emailed Ginter about final paperwork and punchlist work.

06/06/05 – TTC emailed punchlist to Ginter for final work and sent closeout documents with it for final pay application.

05/20/05 – TTC completed punchlist.

05/10/05 – MB reported today that VFD startup was completed by DK and Stoermer’s Gary John. The County reset the vibration safety switch and cleaned on of the low level sump alarms and CT-3 and CT-4 respectably. Ginter said they would check the wiring if that didn’t fix the alarm issue at the panel. The new program to control CWS/R temperature is in place and working from all first test. As the County brings on all 4 towers

04/22/05 – TTC and Dennis Faul worked on finalizing the cooling tower programming. MB and Mike Denton approached TTC about concerns about cooling tower control algorithms especially where concerned about the screw chiller. To that end, TTC has revised the cooling tower sequences such that a steady state condenser water will be more achievable. It is my hope that this alleviates many of the concerns expressed about this cooling plant. Here is the revised control sequence for approval and comments PDF. This should make commissioning much easier as this control strategy is much easier than the original.

03/15/05 – Programming is partially complete. Testing of program must wait till warmer weather. Project is in a holding pattern until that time. Ginter confirmed today that this was the


02/01/05 – TE ready to punchlist these projects within the week.

01/25/04 – Dennis Faul returned TE’s call yesterday. The DK technician is onboard running the electric for new controls. We cannot test the system until we reach summer conditions but DK is still going to put program in soon.

01/21/05 – TTC contacted Jim Ginter of Ginter Electric in regards to 11,640.00 controls work which was not completed and should not be included in the payment due amount of the pay application. Michael Ginter delivered a revised Application #1.

01/13/05 – Ginter faxed Apps 1 & 2 to TEI for review prior to mailing. Changes required to both. Marked-up and faxed back to Ginter.

01/12/05 – Called Ginter and spoke to Michael. Asked him to resubmit both Apps 1 & 2 with allowance included. Michael to redo & fax copy for approval.

01/11/05 – Called Ginter, Jim Ginter said I would need to talk to Michael who is not in the office and he would have Michael call TEI.

01/10/05 – App 1 @ 22,024.80 and App 2-final @ 1,915.20 rec’d. w/o allowance included in contract price or on Sched of Values. 01/03/05 – Ginter provided a Change /Order deduct of $458 if we allow them to leave existing disconnects in place. They are worried that new dimensions will force changes to existing PVC conduit and this could result in problems with breakage of brittle material. County to advise TE on how we want to proceed.

11/18/04 – TE approved the design of all 4 cooling towers being routed from the main MCC in the penthouse. TE will provide new stamped design drawings for Ginter to submit to IBI showing the new work.

11/05/04 – Pre Construction meeting.

10/27/04 – Contract approved, TE to setup kickoff meeting.

09/24/04 – Mailed Contract to Tony for approval.

Prebid complete. Addendum 1 distributed.