07/12/05 – Stapleton turned in final pay application, change order and final paperwork. TTC will review this week and get down to the County.

12-20-04 – Construction meeting #2 see meeting minutes.

12-02-04 – Construction meeting #1 see meeting minutes.

11-0-04 – Pre construction meeting took place, reviewed standard county items.

10-05-04 – AIA Contract for Stapleton typed and mailed to Sharon Chamberlin.

Project bid open had taken place. Mike Stiles has contacted Stapleton Rep. and confirmed the package and Sharon has authorized the contract to be prepared. Mike Stiles requested a copy of Stapleton’s bid from JoAnn in purchasing. Waiting for her to let us know when its available for pick up.

01-20-05 – Construction Meeting – see meeting notes below.

03-07-05 – Construction Meeting – see meeting notes below.

04-08-05 – Completed punch list and sent to contractors to complete – see list below.

04-29-05 – Received call from Paul Wilson with CSI. He indicated that the items on the punch list are complete. He also indicated that their time exceeded the bid amount for setting up the NAS device and switch. He request a change order for the additional time. TEI indicated to submit the additional hours and money requested for review by HC and TEI.