Partner Lead: ThermalTech

09/23/15 – ThermalTech Submitted SOSS to Bert Watts – Pending approval.

10/28/15 – ThermalTech receives approved SOSS and PO from Bert Watts. Bert Watts and ThermalTech are awaiting a kickoff meeting with Shannon Supe et al.

01/26/16 – ThermalTech working on this study after the completion and comments from the 800 Broadway study. ThermalTech stated that a review copy to Bert Watts on 02/05/16.

02/23/16 – ThermalTech submits copy of study to Bert Watts for review and comments. ThermalTech to incorporate BW review comments upon reciept and issue.

03/29/16 – ThermalTech to finalize report and study pending final comments from Shannon.

04/27/16 – ThermalTech receives head count information from Shannon, and can finalize report. Report to be completed and turned over to HamCo early/mid May.

05/25/16 – ThermalTech delivers final report to HamCo Facilities for distribution, and sends facilities the report in electronic format.

06/30/16 – submitted as a 2017 project request.