07/21/20 – First field trips for the Covid HVAC study scheduled.
08/12/20 – First draft of the report submitted for review.
08/21/20 – First draft of the report resubmitted and comments returned.
08/20/20 – Started integrating the Portable HEPA filtration units into the report and finding truly equal manufacturers, lead times, and cost.
08/21/20 – Final Study Report submitted to County with floor plans.
08/23/20 – BW asked to break out the building improvements and send to Tony for each building manager. Send directly to Tony Matre.
08/27/20 – Reports were well received with the County. Phase 2 for HEPA placements and safety PM coming up next.
09/14/20 – Sent building reports to Tony Matre and final information to Prosecutor Office.  Answered some additional questions for the prosecutor this week and followed up on some additional articles emailed to me.
06/26/20 – Sent touchless water review to County for review of Ameresco proposal.
10/01/20 – Bid questions sent to bidders who submitted bids on the Portable HEPA Units.
10/05/20 – PO was release to the vendor for the purchase of Portable HEPA units.
10/06/20 – ThermalTech released building Recommendations to Tony Matre for Bldg Mgr use.
10/09/20 – Created cross reference guide for filter replacements from Tony
10/13/20 – County asked for SOSS for PM creation for the HEPA filtration units.
10/28/20 – Safety consultant has submitted a price to TTC to update our SOSS for the PM work on this project.
12/04/20 – Talked to Bert and Joe this past week about delivery of the HEPA units. The UV lights are on a delayed delivery schedule. We are seeing how this affects equipment.
12/30/20 – Working on excel format for equipment PM.