3/19/10-Met with Jim Bowman, Colerain Fire Department, and Kevin Maue at Beckman Adult Center for walk-through on current renovation project.

3/20/10-Kevin Maue requested SOSS be submitted. This is first of two SOSS’s for this overall project.

3/21/10-Preliminary Code Investigation performed and submitted to Kevin Maue by email.

3/23/01-Fee proposal from Arcodect (code consultant) received. GBBN spoke to Cindy Rutherford, Hamilton County Building Department to discuss Change of Use requirements and submissions.

3/31/10-Schedule of submissions to Hamilton County Building Department submitted by email to Kevin Maue.

4/1/10-SOSS to be revised and re-submitted showing THP as a structural consultant to GBBN for any seismic implications per directions of Kevin Maue at Partnering Meeting.

4/7/10- GBBN met with Kevin maue, Terry Cannon (TEI) and Tom Frimming of Communale Fire Protection to review proposed AFSS implementation.

4/14/10- Signed SOSS without Ralph Linne’s signature and approval delivered by Kevin Maue to GBBN.

4/27/10- Signed SOSS with Ralph Linne’s signature and approval delivered by Bert Watts via email to GBBN.

4/27/10- Bryan Korb of GBBN assigned to project. Bryan to meet with Wayne Meyer code consultant at Beckman on Thursday and Friday for site investigation

4/29/10- GBBN to meet with owner, Colerain Fire Department, and Hamilton County Building Department to review building and change of use scope.

5/12/10- Kevin Maue announced ThermalTech Engineering would be the lead design professional on this project and GBBN would be the consultant. GBBN established estimated hours for completion to TEI for SOSS.