This is second SOSS for overall project. This second SOSS is to await results of complete code investigation and response from Colerain Fire Department to determine complete scope of work for project.

This project was determined to have ThermalTech as the lead design professional. GBBN is a consultant only.

5/17/10- GBBN received final Structural Analysis for Beckman Change of Use Code Review.

5/25/10- Arcodect delivered final Code Review for implementation into Permit Set of Construction Documents.

5/26/10- Final Permit Set of Construction Documents printed, signed and stamped. Set to be hand delivered to TEI at the Partnering Meeting for issuance to the Hamilton County Planning Department.

6/4/10- Issuance of ITB#047-10 by Hamilton County Purchasing Department.

6/14/10- Attend Pre-bid Meeting at Beckman Adult Center.

6/15/10- Issuance of Addenda #1 with Pre-bid meeting minutes.

6/23/10- Bid question sent directly to GBBN. Bidder instructed to send question to Purchasing per the bidding documents.

7/1/10- Building Department Response Letter received from TEI with two items concerning occupany separations. Building Department requesting drawing showing Use Group separations, net/gross areas and occupancy locations on floor plan.

7/02/10- Responses for Building Department Response Letter received from Wayne Meyer at Arcodect.

7/19/10- Newly created Occupancy Summary Drawings for Building Department Response Letter delivered to TEI.

9/15/10- Construction meeting was held.

9/27/10- TEI announced the Plans Examination was completed and approved for Building Permit by Hamilton County.

1/27/11- TEI and Kevin Maue confirmed the permit is now closed on this project. The Certificate of Occupancy and the Colerain Township Fire Department Letter of Release have been obtained.

1/27/11- Kevin Maue indicated at the Partnering meeting this project can be archived.