5/17/10- GBBN received final Structural Analysis for Beckman Change of Use Code Review.

5/25/10- Arcodect delivered final Code Review for implementation into Permit Set of Construction Documents.

5/26/10- Final Permit Set of Construction Documents printed, signed and stamped. Set to be hand delivered to TEI at the Partnering Meeting for issuance to the Hamilton County Planning Department.

6/4/10- Issuance of ITB#047-10 by Hamilton County Purchasing Department.

6/14/10- Attend Pre-bid Meeting at Beckman Adult Center.

6/15/10- Issuance of Addenda #1 with Pre-bid meeting minutes.

6/23/10- Bid question sent directly to GBBN. Bidder instructed to send question to Purchasing per the bidding documents.

7/1/10- Building Department Response Letter received from TEI with two items concerning occupany separations. Building Department requesting drawing showing Use Group separations, net/gross areas and occupancy locations on floor plan.

7/02/10- Responses for Building Department Response Letter received from Wayne Meyer at Arcodect.

7/19/10- Newly created Occupancy Summary Drawings for Building Department Response Letter delivered to TEI.

9/15/10- Construction meeting was held.

9/27/10- TEI announced the Plans Examination was completed and approved for Building Permit by Hamilton County.

1/27/11- TEI and Kevin Maue confirmed the permit is now closed on this project. The Certificate of Occupancy and the Colerain Township Fire Department Letter of Release have been obtained.

1/27/11- Kevin Maue indicated at the Partnering meeting this project can be archived.