04/27/18 – DDS and GBBN hold kick-off meeting to discuss project scope of work and services.

05/23/18 – DDS and GBBN hold first project and document review meeting.

07/19/18 – DDS and GBBN hold final review meeting before release of contract documents for bidding.

07/23/18 – Preliminary Bidding Documents sent to ARC for review and comment.

07/24/18 – Final Contract Documents posted to ARC and Purchasing.

08/14/18 – Pre-Bid Meeting held at Rost School.

08/21/18 – Addenda #1 posted.

08/23/18 – Bid Opening held.  Three bids were received.  Westside Paving & Excavation, Inc. was the apparent low bidder.

08/24/18 – GBBN holds bid interview meeting with Westside.  GBBN issues letter of recommendation to DDS in favor of Westside as low and responsible bidder.

08/27/18 – GBBN completes authoring of AIA contract for Westside and delivers to DDS.

09/14/18 – Notice to Proceed sent from DDS to Westside.

09/17/18 – Contracts delivered from DDS to Westside.

09/21/18 – Pre-Construction Meeting held at Rost School.  10/3/18 established as the contract date.

09/24/18 – Schedule of Value Preliminary received by GBBN from Westside

09/26/18 – Schedule of Values and Mix Design Approvals sent back to Westside Paving.

10/17/18 – Logistics meeting held with WPI, GBBN and DDS Directors and Facilities Manager.  Schedule agreed to in principal, with dependency on weather.

10/22/18 – WPI starts with Site Mobilization.

10/23/18 – Milling and parking block removal are started.  By end of day all milling at Franks up to Rost service drive are completed.

10/24/18 – Paving is completed at all areas.  Striping should be completed by 10/27/18.
04/15/19 – DDS Facilities Manager requests status of close-out repairs remaining. Indicates painting of speed bumps has beeen completed by Owner.
04/16/19 – GBBN and Facilites Manager meet on site to finalize the remaining close-out repairs required. GBBN transmits findings to Westside Paving.