11/28/19 – DDS contacts GBBN by telephone to discuss project and Architectural involvement.
11/29/19 – DDS forwards the four facilities Security Reports from Risk Management to TEI and copies GBBN.
01/09/19 – TEI informs GBBN the approved SOSS and Purchase Order were recieved from DDS.
01/15/19 – GBBN and TEI met with DDS Administration to discuss scope and direction for project.
01/16/19 – TEI and GBBN send updated budgetary information to DDS for Budget Analysis.
01/22/19 – DSS sends to TEI and GBBN the Proposed Security Assessment Budget for review and input.
02/08/19 – GBBN contacts bullet resistant glazing and frame contractors to discuss material and system selections.
02/11/19 – GBBN meets DDS at Fairfax School to discuss issues and options for the Receptionist renovations after reviewing the original renovation drawings for this earlier renovation area.
02/15/19 – GBBN forwards preliminary Scoping Drawings, for eaach floor of each of the four facilities to DDS for review and comment.
02/18/19 – DDS requests meeting with Administration to review scoping drawings and Optional Plan Layouts for the Support Center Receptionist area.
03/13/19 – GBBN communication estimated fee and scope to TEI for Owner requested Life Safety Plan updates.
04/05/19 – Owner review meeting with TEI and GBBN is held. Opinion of Probable Costs are reviewed. Owner indicates scope and estimated Construction Costs are per Owner’s needs and wihtin budget. Design team is approved to proceed with next phase SOSS for services.
04/18/19 – DDS confirms new door hardware on existing restroom doors is to be of a locking type.
04/23/19 – GBBN recieves confirmation from Owner that new Support Center Receptionist Layout and Safe Harbor Rooms are to be added to the Life Safety Evacuation Plans.
04/24/19 – Owner review documents are sent to DDS for review, of the LIfe Safety Evacuation Plans.