01/28/10 – Talk to PBS & Tony. All paperwork should be in. There are some lingering questions about contract signee’s and interval meters at several locations. As these get solved to the satisfaction of DERS these accounts will be brought on line too.

12/31/09 – Contracts are being signed. Interval meters request have been sent out. TTC forwarded the emails to hamco directors for signature and suggested everyone accept option 2 where the cost $446 each of the interval meter be rolled into the monthly bills for 24 months. Bill Fleissner is our contact at DEO for this. There was significant conversation between Matre and Cannon about us believe the entire cost was under $1000 for interval meters. DERS indicated 11 accounts required them. TTC rebuffed that by providing interval data on 9 of those accounts. DEO came back with another 19 that required it because peak demands were over 100kw not 1000kw as TTC believed. In the end written documentation is clear that the threshold is 100kw. PBS has already signed and faxed their approval to DEO. Final contracts and insurance have been worked out between Kerry, Tim and DERS. TEI provided backup savings calcs for the groups approving DERS savings estimates at significantly lower numbers (DERS numbers include cost savings and cost avoidance savings as one lump number).

10/20/09 – We have about five vendors registered and we have extended the contract question phase. We are opening the project on Nov 19. We have no contract questions yet on this project.

09/22/09 – Tony and Terry discussed insurance requirements with Tim Grabenstein for this contract. TTC sent the final copy for review to Tim. TEi asked for comments back by Friday.

09/21/09 – Contract comments came back from Tony and Kerry. Jim and Terry merged them into a final contract. We received the ITB-92-09 for this project. TEi will issue the final documents for public distribution on Oct 1. Contract questions and comments will be due Oct 15th. Bids are due in November.

08/19/09 – We completed our meeting with the Prosecutor’s office RSM will write a preliminary contract. TEI will write the end. 6 certified suppliers will be invited. Ralph will present to the commissioners for their review. Ralph, Tony, Kerry and myself have agreed to the plan.

07/20/09 – TTC sent Tony a revised SOSS for bidding out electrical services for the County. Ralph also asked about the Voltage Guard hardware which TTC and NV replied that TEI was very weary of this technology. We are doing more investigation.

06/23/09 – The report is approved and we have presented the results to the Commissioners. There are a few projects for energy savings that we should pursue in this year.