Lead Partner: TEI

07/22/15 – TEI develop preventative maintenance specifications for Electrical switchgear in the following buildings. Alms and Doepke, Courthouse, 800 Broadway, 230 East Ninth Street, 250 William Howard Taft, and the County Administration Buildings.

10/28/15 – TEI working on specifications and coordinating with John Nester. TEI developed a scope matrix to review with John Nester, and also has written PM procedures. John Nester to confirm with HamCo PM procedures that the specs and the procedures are all encompassing.

12/07/15 – TEI sends John Nester preliminary specifications, questionnaire, and scope matrix for review and discussion.

04/27/16 – ThermalTech and John Nester meet to review specs. Information required from each building on “Mission Critical” equipment in building that can not see an outage. John Nester and Mike Barth are scheduled to attend next Building Managers Meeting on May 4th to facilitate the acquisition of information. Upon receipt of data from all buildings, specifications will be completed.

05/25/16 – Data from building managers due to John Nester at the June 1 building Managers meeting. Upon receipt of the data from all of the buildings, specifications can proceed.

06/27/16 – Data from building managers not all submitted to John Nester to date. ThermalTech provided JN a list of building that data still missing for. JN following up with Bldg Mgrs.

07/27/16 – ThermalTech met with John Nester just before MB Vacation. JN and MB concluded that specific data from building managers will not be obtained, and that the specifications need to be written in such a manner that we will give the overall concepts at each building, and we will size the emergency egens accordingly, but then state that building specifics will be worked out on a building by building basis.

10/27/16 – Comments back from John Gilbert this week, now ThermalTech can assist in getting the quotes together for the switchgear cleaning in the upcoming year. John Nester will lead this for HamCo.

01/27/17 – Specs are complete, project is ready to archive. Project can be be at any time, no dates were specific in the bid documents.