07/25/18 – ThermalTech working to finalize specs, will deliver to John Nester by 07/31/18 for review.
08/29/18 – ThermalTech Issues project for bidding.  Pre-Bid meeting is scheduled for 08/30/18 at 2:00 PM.  Bids open 09/13/18 at 11:00 AM.
09/26/18 – Bids received for project.  3 bids received, one disqualified for not having any form of bond.  ThermalTech qualified apparent low bid who did not include multiple scope items and withdrew their bid.  DK next apparent low bid, and has all scope included.
10/23/18 – ThermalTech authors a contract for DK after Wells Engineering withdraws their bid because they did not include all of the scope of the work in the project.  Project start is pending contract approval and issuance of PO.
11/28/18 – DK received PO for work from HCFD.  DK to work with JN to schedule the work.
02/26/19 – DK performes PM and cleaning at the Comm Center on 02/16, and then on the SPHQ on 2/23.  250 WHT and 230 East 9th Street PM and Cleaning pending, to be scheduled with John Nester and Building Managers.
03/26/19 – Dates for the 230 E9 and 250 WHT services still pending.
03/28/19 – 250 WHT May 4. 230 Coordinating with PDO.
04/24/19 – TEI, HCFD, Electricians, DK meet with building manager and building staff to review plan for outage.  Walk the building site and plan the outage for 5/4/19.  230 E9 will likely be in June for outage.

05/29/19 – 230 E9 switch gear cleaning will be performed on 06/02/19.  250 WHT was delayed due to issues at the building.  New tentative date will be 06/15/19.

06/26/19 – all buildings cleaning and PM complete.  DK to submit reports for each building including Thermal Scans of equipment.  TEI has not received any reports for any of the buildings to date.

07/24/19 – TEI requests written reports from DK for all of the buildings.  Final payment pending submission of the final reports.

08/27/19 – HCFD issues a change order for DK to repair the non-functional circuit breaker discovered during the cleaning and PM.  Field verification of circuits served underway, and then the breaker will be swapped out.  DK to submit final reports from cleaning the Thermographic reviews.

10/30/19 – TEI identifies in report that the non-functioning breaker that DK identified is not as indicated in the report.  DK to confirm the proper breaker that is non functional prior to swap out.  DK to schedule with the owner’s occupancy requirements the replacement of the breaker.

01/28/20 – Once DK submits final PW reports and AIA docs, this project will be archived.