01/10/06 – TTC completed the escalator contract per Kerry’s comments and merged with previous comments. TA will hand delivery 4 copies to PBS today at 1:30 p.m.

01/09/06 – TTC delivered PBS elevator to PBS and bid tabs for their use.

01/06/06 – TTC delivered 230/800 contracts to Tony at the 237 WHT pre const mtg.

01/04/06 – Kerry returned electronic copy marked up. TTC to check over and approve.

12/21/05 – TTC returned electronic copy to Kerry for revisions.

12/12/05 – Contract revisions arrived from Kerry Dowling. TTC to make changes and send out ASAP.

12/09/05 – Kone called today to inquire about new contracts and cancelling old contracts for buildings they did not win under the new bid. Terry told them that new contracts should be forthcoming for official use by end of next week.

11/21/05 – TTC answered questions from the County about contracts. Everything appears to be in order.

11/17/05 – All contracts have been given to County for approval. TTC noted that there is no real need to have a supplementary conditions with the project manual as that is all outlined in the maintenance contract and we don’t use AIA contracts with this type of bid.

11/16/05 – TTC finished the elevator contracts for 230, 800 & PBS and sent them to Joe and Tony for distribution. This time, we coordinated issues like termination clauses, contract amounts with the combined bid savings and decided to split the savings 50/50 between the PBS and Facilities.

11/03/05 – After an initial scare that Addendum 01 did not get posted, Gina realized that the bid doesn’t open until 11/08 and therefore Addendum 01 is posted to demandstar and already has been sent from Ohio Blue.

11/01/05 – TTC is writing the Add01 for escalator project. This job should open next Tuesday. The SOSS has been signed for the escalator change order part of the job.

10/25/05 – Abell/Irvine called today to say that their office has been on Colerain Avenue since 1986. They have got their questionnaire answered and turned in with their bid. TTC ask Purchasing to fax a copy of it over to ThermalTech for review. TTC told everyone that the bid spec stated up to 5 buildings with 5 years experience. Tony called and discussed with TTC the new elevator contracts.

10/24/05 – Bids were opened. Fujitec did not bid the job. Kone didn’t their bid bond, Schindler withdrew their bid after TK’s opening bid, ThyssenKrupp and Abel/Lincoln turned in appropriate bids. TTC contacted both vendors for qualifications. TK provided a fax with all the documentation today. I have not heard from A-L but their number turned out to be long distance so I don’t consider that a good thing.

10/18/05 – The escalator bids immediately went back out on the street because no bid against Kone. Joe and Terry set the new bid estimate based on past numbers for the work in an attempt to make sure Kone didn’t try to overbid as they may be the only one entering bids on this project.

10/14/05 – The final addendum was issued to the contractors that dealt with questions from the prebid and mostly insurance and indemnity. TTC incorporated answers from the HamCo prosecutors office and risk managers for those issues. Also there is concern that one of the vendors does not have a full time office in the City as required by the bid. They also have not met the 5 project requirement of the specifications. This will have to be followed up on in the interview process.

10/03/05 – This Wednesday is the prebid meeting. I will meet Tony and Mike at 230 at 10:30 a.m.

09/21/05 – Project Manual completed and sent out for public bid. Bid opening scheduled for Oct 19th. Prebid mtgs scheduled on Oct 5th per everyone’s attendance request. Project budget estimated at $650,000.

09/20/05 – TTC completed the bid manual and sent out for review. All comments came back, TTC incorporated them into the manual and sent back to Maureen for advertising dates and SBA %. TE will turn over to County on Wednesday for bidding.

08/31/05 – Tony emailed today to say that TE is to keep the original insurance requirements from the original bid.

08/30/05 – Finalizing the bid process. Insurance requirements for Kone are final question before setting up public bid forum. Waiting on word back from Todd Dalton at Kone and AKM.

07/18/05 – Meeting went great. TTC has some work to cleanup old bid. AKM to inform TTC about 2020 building. Kone had some verbiage changes to contract. TTC has to modify bid form for combination bids.

07/12/05 – TTC setup a meeting with Tony and the elevator vendor for Friday.

07/05/05 – Project manual built by Sam. TTC has to get new information from Kone on new testing requirements. TTC talked to Sam Kinman today at PBS while on a walkthrough at PBS and was told that October’s escalator work is going to be an additional $30k on top of the standard contract. TTC will talk to Kone about new scope and testing for this bid and project manual.