02/24/16 – Tony called and said that this project and PO are approved. Bid in March, Award in April, current contract runs out in May.

03/30/16 – Barth has made progress on the specifications they are about 90% complete. We are ready to get dates and an ITB and for Owner review.

04/26/16 – Project manual is ready. Date of Issuance will be 4/28/16. Bid Opening 5/26/16.

04/27/16 – Bid package sent to purchasing on 04/26/16. Pending bidding process.

05/25/16 – Bids open tomorrow. Two Addendums on project so far. All seems to be going well.

06/17/16 – Bids opened and there were anomalies. Tony to get information to ThermalTech as to which bidder each of the user groups has selected (Facilities, Cell Towers, Engineers).

06/27/16 – TTC to write a contract for Cummins for the Facility project. OK to share this contract with other departments if they need this. I told Tony this would be done last week, I will try to finish today.

07/18/16 – Tony is discussing with Kerry and is trying to stick with Cummins for the this contract. Kerry questioned the Alternate no bids by Cummins as legitimated on this job.

07/22/16 – Kerry and JoAnn and Tony are discussing rebidding this project due to Cummins not submitted Alternate bids for years 4 & 5.

07/25/16 – Talked to Tony and Gina today about the Alternate items in the Egen bid and we are going to rebid this project and we have change front ends to the standard county non-prevailing wage front end document and change Alternates to Optional Years. New ITB is 059-16.

07/28/16 – Talked to Tony and we are going to rebid all departments. I discussed a small SOSS to just pay for the the hours of this bid. We have a new ITB but no bid schedule yet.

08/03/16 – Tony said he approved my SOSS-A for rebidding this work. TTC to proceed.

08/25/16 – Egen PM Rebid sent out for bidding.

09/02/16 – No substantial questions on rebid yet. Bid opening scheduled for 9/8/16.

09/08/16 – Bid opening is today. Results to follow.

09/23/16 – IC won the second bid but didn’t include any battery replacement in year three. After several emails and reviews with Purchasing and the Prosecutors department, they are going to let their bid stand if they provide the battery replacements in year three.

10/25/16 – Post bid and Pre-Award meeting was held last Friday. Everything seems to be in order and TEI will write the contract for IAC today.

11/10/16 – All three revised contracts sent to Tony today for use on the Rebid work. IAC is the new vendor.