06/29/11 – Tony reported today that the contract is approved.

05/03/11 – ThermalTech turned over final paperwork to Blaine for contract writing.

04/27/11 – Engineer’s office is writing a one year contract, Comm Center asked me to looked at three year bids and Tony asked me to write a contract for five years for the Facility buildings.

03/30/11 – Bids are due Thursday at 11am. TTC will attend. Three Addendums have been sent out on this job. We are taking prices on base bid, alternate and unit prices.

02/25/11 – Project is out for bidding. Prebid Mar 11, Bid Opening Mar 24. Note: TTC has to fix bid form for more clarity on bid day.

02/22/10 – Tony and Mike have approved the project manual and TEI will be sending to Jill Williams for bidding on Friday Feb 25.