Project Lead: GBBN
03/28/17 – GBBN contacted by Facilities about setting up Kick-off Meeting with Sheriff Department.
03/31/17 – Hamilton County Facilities and GBBN meet with Sheriff to discuss project goals. Letter from Sheriff requesting project presented to GBBN. Facilities requested SOSS from GBBN.
03/10/17 – Met with Hamilton County to review scope and field conditions.
03/23/17 – THP provided Hamilton County with a SOSS.
04/05/17 – GBBN visits site for field verification of measurements and to take photographs.
04/06/17 – GBBN corresponds with Facilities for final questions related to scope of work. GBBN authors SOSS and delivers to Facilities.
04/14/17 – SOSS approved.
05/04/17 – GBBN revisits site for additional field verification, measurements and to take more detailed photographs.
05/05/17 – GBBN interviews ThermalTech for costing details on Electrical and Mechanical issues.
05/11/17 – GBBN sends six (6) optional designs to Facilities for review.
05/12/17 – Facilities selects two final options for estimating. One with the existing demising wall to remain and one without the existing wall present.
05/22/17 – GBBN completes preliminary Opinions of Probable Costs for each of the two final options.
05/23/17 – Facilities indicates only one option, with the existing demising wall removed, is required for estimating.
06/14/17 – GBBN, Facilities and EMU meeting to discuss the version of the schematic design selected and estimated. Minor modifications were requested for the final option.
07/18/17 – Facilities indicated this project has been terminated. The move may result in relocating to the Third Floor Mezzanine instead.
07/24/17 – TEI discussed project with County and GBBN and is doing an energy study for the 24/7 part at the very least. The Energy Impact Study has been submitted for this project.
12/19/17 – TTC adds a comment.