08/25/11 – Ameresco work is in final stages for contract negotiations. More controls meetings are schedule. Ameresco is presenting final report early Sept.

07/29/11 – 10 color copies of the final report have been mailed to Ralph per his request. The 2010 Report is complete.

07/07/11 – Energy Star bills have been entered for 230, Admin, and 800 Broadway. Field trips were scheduled for 230 and Admin, but have to be moved back to July 26 to coordinate with Florimonte vacation.

06/24/11 – Ralph said that he is sending Jeff’s questions over for final changes.

05/04/11 – Deliver 2 hard copies to Tony & Ralph today. Ralph said that if Jeff Aluotto approves this report, we can print these in color and be done. Also for 2011 report, he would like Hillcrest added, 237 WHT removed and the water data expanded.

04/26/11 – Delivered the final report to Ralph for 2010 including water from 2009 and 2010 completed for all major buildings. In 2011 we will add water for the remaining buildings and try to back date that information to 2007. We are trying to update the Energy Watchdog website before the final import at the end of May. It is nice to report that we saved over $1,000,000 in 2010 on our 3 major energy conservation measures.

03/30/11 – TTC finished inputting water bills. Thursday Amy will integrate into the report. Friday, Terry will finish the report.

03/14/11 – Duke has confirmed that ThermalTech has correctly included all the Administration Bldg electric into the Energy Star website. With this information, we are going to move forward with Estar approval.

03/01/11 – TTC has to add the deregulated electricity calcs to the report.

02/22/11 – TTC gave Ralph and Tony their final copy to review. Comments are back and TTC will finalize to give to Ralph for review by EOB on Friday.

01/24/11 – Folck has entered all bills that have been received. Terry and Amy are starting the Energy Report this week. Hopefully to be completed early February.

09/29/10 – All bills ThermalTech receives have been input into Watchdog. Next week have to do the bills kept at the CH.

07/28/10 – We are working on the new HamCo RFP with a couple of ESCO. RFP’s are due Aug 16.

05/26/10 – We received the 237 bills. Folck will input them. We will then generate the April bill.

05/06/10 – We modified Energy Watchdog to allow us to start entering electric commodity for Hamilton County ins 2010. Folck will enter all bills to date starting this afternoon.

04/26/10 – We delivered 10 copies of the final report to Ralph last Thursday. We delivered an updated electronic copy with the years of each project added to the Appendix today per Ralph’s request. We will continue to update bills in Energy Watchdog.

03/22/10 – Ralph and Tony have returned the Energy Report with comments. TTC will compile the final report. All previous reports uploaded to web.

03/05/10 – ThermalTech sent the final report to Ralph and Tony for commenting. TEi will compile the final report when comments are returned.

02/24/10 – Attended the 14th Annual Ohio Energy Conference with Tony & Ralph. Got the Energy Report about 50% complete. We are adding new buildings this year which means fixing the baseline model from 1997 and forward. It is harder than expected and taking longer.

02/22/10 – We have collected all utility data for 2009 and input into our worksheets

02/04/10 – Energy Watchdog data is input for 2009 for all buildings except for missing CCAO bills for Courthouse. We are working on the 2009 report and trying to finalize all the bills.

01/28/10 – Terry and Amy will be updating the report in Feb 2010. Andy is putting in the Watchdog data and Energy Star data this week.

12/31/09 – More bills are being input. The energy watchdog website should be up to date by mid January.

09/22/09 – Some bills are missing. TTC contacted Tony about Coroner’s gas bills. Jackson called about Coroner’s office water usage. TTC emailed the 2010 cost estimate report and explained the cost and program to reduce water usage.

08/19/09 – We completed our meeting with the Prosecutor’s office RSM will write a preliminary contract. TEI will write the end. 6 certified suppliers will be invited. Ralph will present to the commissioners for their review. Ralph, Tony, Kerry and myself have agreed to the plan.

07/20/09 – TTC sent Tony a revised SOSS for bidding out electrical services for the County. Ralph also asked about the Voltage Guard hardware which TTC and NV replied that TEI was very weary of this technology. We are doing more investigation.

06/23/09 – The report is approved and we have presented the results to the Commissioners. There are a few projects for energy savings that we should pursue in this year.

05/22/09 – The final report was turned over to the commissioners and we attended the commissioner meeting on 05/18. Mike Folck is updating all the water bills from 2009 and 2009. All data has been entered into Energy Watchdog through April 2008. We are not updating our monthly sheets until next year.

04/05/09 – The report is ready for TTC to review. I will get this done this week. I emailed Ralph & Tony about working with Ameresco on the 2009 energy projects.

01/26/09 – TTC & MAF finished the ECM Summary table and sent to Ralph Linne & Tony Matre. Ralph forwarded it to Jeff Aluotto for use. We are awaiting and update on how to write the SOSS for the work.