04/03/18 – TTC updated the Duke Proposed Rate increase in the Energy Outlook section and incorporated all of RWL notes into the Rev 2 file and created Rev 3 and sent to Ralph and Tony for approval.
04/04/18 – Rev 3 of the 2017 Energy Report is complete. The editable Word file was sent to Ralph for approval by Judi prior to submission to the BOCC. 04/26/18 – Ralph reported that the final report is in the editing stage and he will return as soon as Judi has markups.
07/04/18 – All Energy Impact Studies updated and sent to Bert and Tony for approval and use.
07/14/18 – All Energy Star submitted to the EPA for approval.
08/01/18 – All buildings Energy Star Reports are complete.  We were able to get SPHQ certified this year with some good work with the EPA folks on how to model the building.  230, 800, Admin, A&D, Courthouse, 250 and SPHQ all qualified this year.
08/29/18 – Bracken review the Archibus versus Watchdog reports this week and there are some discrepancies we need to fix.
09/24/18 – Verified the first six months of 2018 in Watchdog and Archibus this month, started putting together the 2019 Energy Report format, pulled all the Watchdog data down into TEI excel forms.  Grace, Bracken and Laurie have updated pretty much everything from Watchdog into our forms for future use.
10/23/18 – ThermalTech has created a excel file database to mimic Watchdog data given the vast changes in the Watchdog database format, I may recommend that we abandon the Energy Watchdog Website if its too complicated to use and doesn’t display the data as Tony likes – we will either give it to him manually or use the Archibus Watchdog Reports.  We also reconciled the first six months of 2018 for all energy data and fixed a multitude of smaller errors and reports.  It is very important to keep two database of the information to ensure Archibus reports the data use accurately so we can’t abandon the manual entry or Watchdog entirely in our opinion.  I have also met with Bracken and Amy Crousey to cross train more TEI people on the energy manage duties to assist me in my efforts to keep up with the data.
11/29/18 – We have started the 2018 Energy Report and are waiting on an updated SOSS for next years activities.
01/09/19 – Spoke with Tony and we are shooting for a draft report of the Energy Report to Ralph at the Ohio Energy Conference on Feb 19, 2019. Final report due in March 2019.
01/22/19 – TTC and AEC working on final report, requested curtailment from the County for report.
02/28/19 – TEI attended the 23rd annual Ohio Energy Conference with Ralph and Tony Feb 19/20. TEI also send the draft Energy Report to Ralph to make edits for this year final report yesterday.
03/11/19 – Ralph returned comments to ThermalTech on final report updates. TTC received Ameresco M&V data for report. TTC to make final edits and finalize report for printing.
04/24/19 – TTC started final edit soon Energy Report for Ralph and Tony.
05/03/19 – Printed final copy for Facilities and dropped off downtown for distribution.
05/10/19 – Terry met with Ralph and picked up final round of comments, made edits, printed final and returned final set to Facilities this day.
06/18/19 – Talked to Tony and mgrs about getting access to data rooms for modify the energy star model for new data center requirements. Those field trips can probably happen next week for Ryan J.
06/27/19 – Worked with Duke to get 230 meter converted to remote reader. They installed new devices on 6/21/19 and sent a new bill showing non estimated readings yesterday to our accounts.
07/25/19 – TTE attended RFP for new energy savings last week. Collecting data and preparing for more work.
08/28/19 – This month had some billing issues for us to work one. Admin water was unusually high which we worked on with Tony and in the field at the meter. Data was sent to Tony with TTC review of existing conditions. Coroner Gas was zero creating several issues in Archibus and for billing. We contact David Hiser and discovered that Duke will rebill several accounts. We have decided to wait until the new bills are entered into Archibus to approve and correct these bills. However the usage was not out of historical norms.
09/19/19 – Coroners bills retroactively getting updated by Duke due to a metering issue. ThermalTech will update the Archibus database. Admin Water bill had high usage one month but apparently back down to previous usages. The low water meter side of the meter does not seem to be registering low water usage at this time based on TTC fieldwork.
09/25/19 – The CCAO is apparently changing gas suppliers in November 2019 to IGS. TTE preparing for these changes in Archibus and approving bills.
10/04/19 – TTC meets David Johnson on site and collects data from Courthouse PLC system. TEI prorates missing dates and months for CH steam usage from last three year. Amy populates the district heating plan in Energy Star. Courthouse only increases to 59. TTC informs County that the Courthouse will not qualify this year for the Energy Star Award.
10/11/19 – Ryan, Terry, and Amy are working on Energy Star submissions for 230, 800, Admin & A&D.
10/22/19 – Energy Star submission are uploaded to the EPA.
10/29/19 – Energy Star approvals come back for 230, 800 Broadway and A&D Building.
10/30/19 – Admin Building Estar is signed and uploaded.
12/12/19 – We are performing end of year work and preparing the Energy Report for next year.
01/24/20 – ThermalTech started compiling the worksheets for the Energy Report for Calendar Year 2019 in an effort to have a preliminary draft ready for OEC with Ralph and Tony. Archibus bills for IGS still getting entered and sorted out, Admin electric bills still need fixed for 2019 estimated and new meter data.
01/28/20 – Ralph sent TTE work on sharing Energy Star with the Green Umbrella people.
02/17/20 – Mark and Terry finish draft Energy Report for Tony and Ralph to review. Great progress this year and we are farther along then usual. Executive Summary write up and calculations not done yet.
02/18/20 – TTC, Ralph and Tony at the Ohio Energy Conference this year and several items will find their way into the Energy Report this year. This was a two day seminar on a variety of topics related to energy futures and managing energy and renewables in Cincinnati.
02/20/20 – Three main things to work on this week for Energy Report. (1) securing the rebate for the wrong tariff at the Courthouse, (2) Opting out of the Duke Energy EE riders and (3) exploring the Building Performance for Energy Star.
03/23/20 – Sent final copy Rev 5 to Ralph and Tony for final review.
03/24/20 – Got comments back from Ralph, picked up comments and send final Rev 6 to Ralph for approval.
03/25/20 – Got approval to print 16 color copies of the final Report and two thumbs up from Tony and Ralph. I’m going to send this one out to Phipps because we are not in the office to print this year.
03/30/20 – Submitted full package to Energy Star for Audit for Dec 2019 submission for Energy Star.
04/20/20 – 250 Energy Star Certification was sent to Ralph and Team. energy Reports were delivered by Phipps to the County.
05/27/20 – Updated Energy Star website with latest data from bills, trying to reconcile some bills from Duke and found the JC gas usage was very high last month but that turned out to be the exercising of the hot water boilers.
06/11/20 – Met JCI on site for Facility Explorer training and to work on 800 Chiller scheduling issues. Worked about half the day on site and finished updating the control book back at the office. Followed up with Tom and JCI about changes made onsite.
06/24/20 – Updated all the Watchdog reports at ThermalTech this month for electricity, gas, water. Found some accounting errors and fixed those. Updated links in the master worksheet and updated data for the 2020 Energy Report worksheets on our network. Work with 800 Broadway and chiller scheduling and water issues on the 16th floor. Followed up with Tom at 800 several times to verify chiller schedule is off on nights and weekends. After a couple of more tweaks, removing override and delete exception schedules, the chillers as of yesterday are off when unoccupied. JCI did not have the service contract in place yet.
07/29/20 – Performed some minor work this month on Energy Manager, check Ralph’s emails and read up on HB 6 for County implications. Duke finally gave the A&D an actual bill and reconciled the estimated months; county gets money back.
08/26/20 – Not a whole lot going on with Energy Management this month. TTE keeping up with RWL emails and reading reports. Energy Star webinars basically say to hold until October November for resubmissions.
09/18/20 – JC bills are coming in too high. TTE figured out this is related to a rider from Duke but it doesn’t make sense because the riders appear to be equal or less than last year. We created a worksheet to share with Duke of mind out why this is happening.
10/28/20 – Worked with Duke on the Opt-Out program this month and got all accounts over 200,000 kWh annually should be out of the program by November 1, 2020. TEI to confirm.
12/10/20 – Started end of year EM work and County issue request for several new PO for additional work. Energy Stars are started, TTC waiting to review.
12/30/20 – 2020 Energy Star SEP underway for TTC review.