01/16/07 – TTC compiled new format energy report and sent to Tony & Ralph. After December bills come in, TEI will present year end Energy report for Tony and Ralph.

06/01/06 – TTC sent Governors Award Application out for review. Markups will be incorporated and sent out UPS on June 2, 2006 to ODOD.

05/22/06 – TTC and Tony discussed the Governor’s Award for Energy that is due on June 02, 2006.

05/18/06 – Talked to Compass Energy about being an authorized buying agent for Hamilton County. There are so many things I like about this approach. I typed up and email to Tony to outline his benefits. We are awaiting approval to move forward.

05/05/06 – Strategic is very interested in bidding County work but mostly PBS. TTC sent the indemnity clause to them that County always requires and they want a conference call on 05/16/06 to discuss Q&A.

04/05/06 – After a second conference call, Tony has requested a write up from TTC outlining the possible cost and savings for bidding our dereg electric. TTC shall get this complete in a week.

03/23/06 – TEI sent Tony & Ralph the CCAO Report for 2005 updated with all the latest numbers. TEI sent Tony & Ralph the 2005 Monthly Report through December with the final CCAO numbers included. Next on TTC’s agenda is to update the yearly master and then the 2006 report for CCAO gas cost.

03/20/06 – Terry requested the Nov/Dec CCAO bills again as the latest packet doesn’t have them. TTC also contacted the CCAO for the information and talked to Amanda and she said she would fax them down to TTC but as of 3:40 p.m. they have not arrived. TEI cannot reconcile 2005 gas without this information.

03/15/06 – Talked to Joe Ewing today about Electric Deregulation Bid for county. We setup a conference call next week to discuss possibilities. TTC reconciled the 2006 Cinergy Rate schedule with an actual JC bill for February. This is a very big accomplishment towards reconciling the bills each and every month.

02/27/06 – TTC has to sign up for energy conference in Columbus. TTC and AKM discussed today on phone. TTC will drive up on Wed morning.

02/16/06 – TTC delivered the final report to Tony Matre and Ralph for use a couple of weeks ago but made one final change to the pie chart today. TTC is now working on deregulated electric and updating the individual building charts for a meeting with the bldg managers.

12/28/05 – TTC entered all the 2005 Gas data and got it input into the main spreadsheet for the County. TTC also began answering the CEC questionnaire.

12/09/05 – TTC discovered a billing anomaly in the CCAO billing for FT rate. It is a question that TTC can’t explain. The CH burnertip price is about $2 higher than the rest of the buildings for the same gas (it is all FT from the CCAO). Tony and Terry called the CCAO about the situation and left a message for assistance.

12/02/05 – TTC received the Energy Report packet today from the County that we will use as a template for LCC and this year’s report.

09/27/05 – Tony called and Terry sent our all 2004 Utility Data to Tony for his use. We sent a PDF and and excel file.

09/21/05 – First pass at Energy Star application yielded a grade of 33 for the 230 building. Passing is 75. TTC reviewed all data that Sam put into website. We believe that although we have additional data for additional months, this only hurts the ES score. Sam is removing extra months. The new score was in the mid 40’s. TTC manual calculated the buildings kbuth/sf to be 64.5 which is still lower than required for an Energy Star rating. TE is learning as we go on the application process for this website.

09/20/05 – Sam is currently entering 2004 data for 230 East Ninth.

09/16/05 – Set up user account at Energy Star for Hamilton County. We will be entering data for 230 East 9th Street for qualifications.

07/20/05 – TTC and Tom Kennedy met with Tony Matre and Mike Florimonte to discuss a proactive approach to getting the 230 East Ninth building LEED-EB certified. TE is to put together a business plan to make this work for the County

07/20/05 – TTC received the Alliance To Save Energy rejection letter for our March 2005 submission on the IT rate at the Courthouse. TTC forwarded the letter to Tony Matre.

07/19/05 – TTC finished the electric utility reports up through June 2005 and distributed to the County. TTC will work on reconciling the gas utilities next.

07/13/05 – Tony sent the CCAO summary to TTC for inclusion in to the energy files.

06/03/05 – TTC submitted the 2005 Governor’s Award to the State of Ohio. PDF. TTC submitted all 2004 energy data to Ralph for reporting.

05/26/05 – Downtown Six Pack Cinergy bills should started to arrive today at ThermalTech. There is no need to continue to copy Cinergy bills for EM work. I know will receive all the bills I need to do the monthly tracking. This should save Pat and Donna some work each week. If by chance I am missing one or two, I can request those manually.

05/20/05 – TTC has spent the better part of 3 days re-writing the TE software to accept all the new Cinergy Market Generation Riders so that I can correctly calculate and reconcile the energy bills for 2005. I estimate 2 more days of work before they are approved for use.

05/10/05 – TTC picked up Energy Authorization letter and will request data from Bill Fleisnner.

04/27/05 – TTC requested a County release for new energy data and to be authorized for the e-clips program to see Cinergy bills online, plus receive duplicate bills for the main 6-pack of buildings. The County should provide this letter.

03/31/05 – TTC sent in “Stars in Energy Alliance Application” PDF

03/25/05 – TTC startup monthly charts showing electric and gas, usage and cost and plotted on column graphs. TTC synchronized data with Tony’s local disk.

02/25/05 – TTC completed all the 2004 Energy Pulse Data Input. Graphs printed for 6 pack buildings. I am started to reconcile data vs. pulse data. A lot of energy bills are missing from 2004 and I have to contact Cinergy to get the actual bills for comparison. That request should be made on Tuesday.

02/18/05 – TTC attended the 9th Annual Ohio Energy Conference in Columbus and tabulated the 2004 237 WHT Energy Data.

02/11/05 – TTC will be working from TE and attending the Ohio Energy Conference next week for 2 days.

02/10/05 – TE registered TTC for the Ohio Energy Conference today. See you in Columbus next week.

02/08/05 – TTC collected more bills and is having Laurie at TE re-organize the bills by year, building, then service for easier updating..

02/04/05 – TTC got 230 E9th electric input for 2004. Looks like building has started using more energy and more 24/7 hours. TTC pointed out on graph to AKM.

02/02/05 – All 2004 bills have been tabulated. TTC and AKM set a schedule of having Energy Star program applied for by May 2005, having LEED-EB applied for by May 2005 and having Deregulated Electric bid on street by May 01, 2005. Cinergy has provided ALL 2004 interval electric data in an email today.

01/28/05 – TTC organized bills collected from 2004 for water, gas and electric.

01/2 1/05 – TTC organized bills collected from 2004 for water, gas and electric.

01/14/05 – TTC created water spreadsheet for 237 WHT. There are unexplained phenomena that need further investigation.

01/07/05 – TTC requested data from all current registered Cinergy Suppliers for Deregulated Electricity for County Bidding Purposes.