09/02/16 – Buildings should be ready for certification after August bills are entered in late September. ThermalTech to draft SOSS for each building for approval.

10/14/16 – All fieldwork is complete for the certifications.

10/18/16 – TTC has reviewed all the SEP and found most to be compliant. The Courthouse requires some changes prior to submitting to the EPA. TTC contacted Tony Matre to discuss and make changes.

10/19/16 – TTC to meet Dave Johnson on site to reocver steam usage data for Courthouse Energy Star.

10/21/16 – These buildings have, 230,250,800,Admin, A&D have been uploaded to Energy Star. The Courthouse is not ready for SEP yet until we work out some occupancy issues that TEI is flagging as potential issues.

10/25/16 – TTC created a new SEP for the Courthouse with the updated numbers agreed upon between Tony and Terry. TEI will take to Ralph for signing on Thursday and hopefully upload to Estar on Friday.

11/10/16 – All six buildings have been submitted. Five buildings have been approved. We are waiting on the Courthouse approval at this time.